Theodore's World: Obama Closes The Grand Canyon, Refuses To Open It Even After Arizona Offers To Pay For It

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October 05, 2013

Obama Closes The Grand Canyon, Refuses To Open It Even After Arizona Offers To Pay For It

Obama Closes The Grand Canyon, Refuses To Open It Even After Arizona Offers To Pay For It

FOX News

With the partial suspension of U.S. government services showing no signs of ending, tourists will continue to be turned away from the Grand Canyon, despite a push by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and local businesses to reopen the state’s signature national park.

Brewer wants the iconic park reopened and has offered to pay for it with state money, but her proposal was rejected Thursday by a park official who said that as long as the federal government remains shut down, such a plan isn’t an option.

“I appreciate the support and I thanked them for the offer, but it’s not an offer we can accept,” said park superintendent Dave Uberuaga.

About 2,200 people who work at the Grand Canyon National Park and its hotels have been furloughed as a result of the government slimdown that began Tuesday. “And that’s not counting the economic impact in the gateway communities, all of the related businesses, the bus tours, hiking companies, the jeep tours, all of those associated functions are suffering economically as well,” Uberuaga said.

Many of those businesses also have offered to chip in to pay to reopen the park.

Wild Thing's comment..............

This not wanting to even let people pay for it IMO comes from total hate.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 5, 2013 12:48 AM


I believe our Western states have realized that the biggest mistake they made when the joined the Union was to give the Federal Government too much control over their lands.

When I was stationed in Montana, that's one thing Montanans detested. Easterners telling them what they could and couldn't do within the borders of their own state. They detested it so much that back when we had a national speed limit of 55 mph, the fine in Montana for traveling over 55 was $5...Five Dollars. Didn't matter if you were doing 56 or 86, it was $5. Fine paid on the spot to the cop; not mark on license or insurance company notification. This infuriated the Feds but there wasn't a thing they could do about it. You might be able to force rugged Americans to comply but they'll find a way to stick it right back in your eye.

Posted by: bobf at October 5, 2013 10:58 AM

I am now hoping the O'BamBam Regime overdoes it
sooo much, that 10s of millions of Americans will
realize that it's not the 'Republicans in Congress'
that are doing all this to the country! I'm also hoping that a lot of patriotic government employees are fully carrying out orders from the WH, to make
sure the maximum number of Americans 'experience'
how the 'executive branch' is treating us!

Posted by: Lance Luhrquer at October 5, 2013 06:25 PM