Theodore's World: Disgusting!!!!!! Pro-Obama Group Using Churches To Enroll People In Obamacare

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October 29, 2013

Disgusting!!!!!! Pro-Obama Group Using Churches To Enroll People In Obamacare

Pro-Obama Group Using Churches To Enroll People In Obamacare

In a national day of action, the group Enroll America held “Health Care from the Pulpit.”

Community organizers went to churches across the country, talking to members about the new health care law, with help from pastors.

Pastor John Newman introduced two community organizers from Enroll America who talked about the act, everything from coverage, cost, to how to enroll.

They also asked church members to fill out help cards with basic information for themselves or someone they knew. That’s exactly what Michelle Fletcher did.

“I have a cousin that recently lost her job and she doesn’t have employment insurance so thought of her writing her down,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said diabetes and breast cancer run in their family, so she was surprised and happy to get the info she needed at church.

“Our pastor, he keeps us real informed and grounded in what’s going on in the community, and he’s always bringing stuff to help us, so I love him for that,” Fletcher said.

Wild Thing's comment..............

USE is the key word, Obama uses people, churches, schools, sports figures, celebs etc. Uses and could care less about any of them.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 29, 2013 12:50 AM


By having ministers support this in church, it's making the low information voter think that God approves of this. Democrats have learned to use religion to further their goals of conquest in America while at the same time imposing the non-existent Separation of Church and State upon conservative churches.

Posted by: bobf at October 29, 2013 07:40 AM

Interesting how the current 'administration'
ignores 'separation of church & state' when it's
convenient for their purposes! I hope we wake up to all the other ways they will do this to cram their leftist takeover down our throats!

Posted by: Lance Luhrquer at October 29, 2013 09:33 AM