Theodore's World: Switzerland keeps crown as most competitive economy

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September 05, 2013

Switzerland keeps crown as most competitive economy

Switzerland keeps crown as most competitive economy

Switzerland has kept its title as the world's most competitive economy for the fifth year running, though it needs to resist any temptation to protect its core banking sector if it wants to stay top, the World Economic Forum said on Wednesday.

The Geneva-based body, most famous for gathering politicians and billionaires at an annual shindig in the Alpine resort of Davos, said the same economies made the top 10 as last year, but in a different order.

Singapore and Finland remained in second and third place respectively in the Forum's annual Global Competitiveness Report.

Germany, the United States, Hong Kong and Japan all edged up while Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom all slipped by two or three notches.

The United States' flair for innovation helped it reverse a four-year downward trend, although serious concerns remained over its macroeconomic stability, the Forum said, ranking it 117 out of 148 countries in that category.

The Forum bases its assessment on a dozen drivers of competitiveness, including institutions, infrastructure, health and education, market size and the macroeconomic environment.

The report also factors in a survey among business leaders, assessing the government's efficiency and transparency.

Wild Thing's comment..............

Good for Switzerland. One thing for sure they do not have a POS president like Obama that hates his country. Of all the countries I am glad if is not the USA that the congratulations go to Switzerland.

In Switzerland they actually have public education and teach hard math and science. US public "education" is now nothing but dumbed-down, PC drivel and indoctrination.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 5, 2013 12:47 AM