Theodore's World: Rush Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Is Fighting For Freedom In The Greatest Tradition Of The American Freedom Fighters - video

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September 26, 2013

Rush Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Is Fighting For Freedom In The Greatest Tradition Of The American Freedom Fighters - video

RUSH: So Harry Reid wants to play the role of Grim Reaper, and he did. He looked just like the Grim Reaper. He walked in there and he shut Ted Cruz down at 12 noon. And that is after asking Ted Cruz to yield for a question from McCrazy -- uh, McCain, for 15 minutes. They wanted McCain to get in there and start debating party politics. But Cruz would have none of it. He shredded the guy from Illinois. I'm having a mental block. Yeah, Dick "Turban." He shredded Turban even after 20 hours of this. You know, folks, I could go for 21 more hours just with the health care stack that we've got today, about the absolute disaster this is.

It's not theater. This is real. This is about freedom. I know to a lot of people that sounds corny. "Freedom, come on, Rush, our freedom isn't threatened." Oh, but it is

It's precisely what Obamacare is all about, the loss of individual freedom, the loss of free markets.

RUSH continued......Ted Cruz is fighting for freedom in the greatest tradition of American freedom fighters.

Ted Cruz was doing exactly what he was elected to do. Ted Cruz was elected in Texas to do exactly what he did in this filibuster, and, by the way, what he has been doing since he arrived. He's one Republican who is doing exactly what he was elected to do.

Rush Limbaugh Interviews Ted Cruz After Epic 21 Hour Filibuster [FULL]

RUSH: Senator Cruz, we welcome you to the EIB microphone and the program. It's great to have you here, sir.

CRUZ: Rush, it's fantastic to be with you.

RUSH: I have to tell you, I've had so many people... I've been off the past couple of days, but, while this has been going on, I've had so many people e-mail me so uplifted by what you did in the last 21 hours and what you did leading up to it. So many people are so happy that there finally is some leadership. They're so happy that, finally, somebody is doing in Washington what they were elected to do, what they said they were going to do. And I just wanted to say, before we started: I'm sure you're hearing much the same thing, but I wanted you to know that, while you're getting all these arrows as pioneers do, there's a lot of appreciation and a lot of love for what you're doing out there.

CRUZ: Well, Rush, thank you so much. Thank you for that encouragement, and thank you for your leadership. You know, I really hope that over the course of this week we'll see more and more Republicans step forward. We had quite a few Republicans come down to the floor and support the effort, and I hope we'll see as many Republicans as possible, and even some Democrats, come together and listen to the American people. As you know... Every week, you talk to 20 million Americans. You know where the American people are on this, and it's not a close call. Obamacare isn't working and millions of Americans are hurting, and if the Senate just listened to the American people, we'll do the right thing and we'll vote to defund it.

Full transcript of interview just click here.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Loved the interview and so glad Rush was able to have Cruz on his show so quickly.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 26, 2013 12:45 AM