Theodore's World: Obama's Pentagon Hides key Benghazi Witness from Congress

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July 06, 2013

Obama's Pentagon Hides key Benghazi Witness from Congress

Pentagon Hides key benghazi Witness from Congress

Congressional investigators, working on the Benghazi attacks, would very much like to talk to a key witness, Marine Corps Col. George Bristol, now retired, who was in a key position at the US African Command at the time of the attacks but the Pentagon refuses to say where he is at.

Major Robert Firman told CBS News, that the Pentagon cannot force retired officers to testify to congress. Congress can, but the Department of Defense refuses to name his location. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah is livid. It is believed that Bristol has some key information that could expose why no troops were sent to Benghazi. The Pentagon made Gen Ham available after he was retired.

At his retirement, Bristol told the troops that a great evil has descended upon Africa (Islamic terrorists) and that they needed to be stomped out. The statement appeared in Stars and Stripes magazine.

Pentagon spokesman, Firmin was quoted telling Lindsay graham, R-SC that,"The Department of Defense has been entirely forthcoming on all matters related to our response to the attacks in Benghazi from the outset." He pointed out that either House or Senate committees can subpoena Bristol if they want to. If they knew where he was, that is.

Major Robert Firmin, the Pentagon spokesman is also the same spokesman who said that there was never a stand down order. Gregory Hicks testified later that Lieutenant Colonel Gibson, was told not to board the plane to Benghazi but did not say who gave the stand down order.

PJ Media reported that Gen. Ham was ordered to stand down or his deputy would assume command. Gen ham denied that charge in congressional hearings. Ham retired a couple of months later and was replaced by his deputy. Congressional committees hope that Bristol can clarify the events as they took place.

Wild Thing's comment................

Keep hitting hard and force them to appear. This is so important, there are 4 dead Americans and Obama and Hillary could care less.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 6, 2013 12:50 AM