Theodore's World: More Media Finally Waking Up....BBC On Benghazi: “This Is Now Very Serious and I suspect heads will roll”

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May 11, 2013

More Media Finally Waking Up....BBC On Benghazi: “This Is Now Very Serious and I suspect heads will roll”

BBC On Benghazi: “This Is Now Very Serious”.....After Benghazi revelations, heads will roll


There’s new evidence, obtained by ABC, that the Obama administration did deliberately purge references to “terrorism” from accounts of the attack on the Benghazi diplomatic mission, which killed four people including the US ambassador to Libya.

Conservatives have long maintained that the administration deliberately suppressed the truth about the attacks.

This is the first hard evidence that the state department did ask for changes to the CIA’s original assessment.

Specifically, they wanted references to previous warnings deleted and this sentence removed: “We do know that Islamic extremists with ties to al-Qa’ida participated in the attack.”

There’s little doubt in my mind that this will haunt Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for president, unless she executes some pretty fancy footwork.

State department spokesperson Victoria Nuland is directly implicated, and the fingerprints of senior White House aides Ben Rhodes and Jay Carney are there as well.

I understand President Barack Obama's careful use of the word "terrorism" when it actually means something, rather than as a knee-jerk description of any violence by foreigners against Americans, often in order to justify a "war on terror".

But the evidence is there in black and white, unless we doubt the documents obtained by ABC, which I don't.

This is now very serious, and I suspect heads will roll.

Wild Thing's comment.................

Idiots at BBC took a long time and shame on them and all the other networks except FOX that has been on this since day one.

It was serious on day one when 4 Americans were murdered.

Posted by Wild Thing at May 11, 2013 02:40 AM