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March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day To All my Friends


I hope you all have a fun St. Patrick's Day. And to those that are Irish thank you for the music, the humor and the hearts uplifting others in your joy.
God bless our Troops and their families. You are all in our thoughts today as everyday.
~ Wild Thing


An Irishman who had a little too much to drink is driving home from the city one night and, of course, his car is weaving violently all over the road.

A cop pulls him over.

"So," says the cop to the driver, where have ya been?"

"Why, I've been to the pub of course," slurs the drunk.

" Well," says the cop, "it looks like you've had quite a few to drink this evening."

"I did all right," the drunk says with a smile.

"Did you know," says the cop, standing straight and folding his arms across his chest, "that a few intersections back, your wife fell out of your car?"

"Oh, thank heavens," sighs the drunk. "For a minute there, I thought I'd gone deaf."


Two Irishmen, Patrick & Michael, were adrift in a lifeboat following a dramatic escape from a burning freighter. While rummaging through the boat's provisions, Patrick stumbled across an old lamp. Secretly hoping that a genie would appear, he rubbed the lamp vigorously To the amazement of Patrick, a genie came forth. This particular genie, however, stated that he could only deliver one wish, not the standard three. Without giving much thought to the matter, Patrick blurted out, "Make the entire ocean into Guinness Beer!" The genie clapped his hands with a deafening crash, and immediately the entire sea turned into the finest brew ever sampled by mortals. Simultaneously, the genie vanished. Only the gentle lapping of Guinness on the hull broke the stillness as the two men considered their circumstances. Michael looked disgustedly at Patrick whose wish had been granted. After a long, tension-filled moment, he spoke: "Nice going Patrick! Now we're going to have to pee in the boat!


The Quiet Man Fight


Posted by Wild Thing at March 17, 2013 12:55 AM


The Quite of my favorite movies.

Posted by: BobF at March 17, 2013 08:48 AM

Ah yes. The 1/4 Irish in me gets to celebrate today. Love the Irish jokes as well as the Polish, Blonde and Aggie jokes.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at March 17, 2013 01:04 PM

Thank you Bob and Tom so much.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 18, 2013 02:25 AM