Theodore's World: Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Going Blue “Is The Biggest Pipedream I Have Ever Heard”

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February 24, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Going Blue “Is The Biggest Pipedream I Have Ever Heard”

Rick Perry: Texas Going Blue “Is The Biggest Pipedream I Have Ever Heard”

or many, it’s the country’s ultimate over-the-horizon electoral question: Could Texas become a blue state?
To which Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry emits a hearty guffaw. Texas going blue, he says, “is the biggest pipedream I have ever heard.”

To explain just how preposterous, Gov. Perry summons the example of the state’s two arch rivals, the University of Texas and Texas A&M, his alma mater, whose colors are maroon and white.

“The University of Texas will change its colors to maroon and white before Texas goes purple, much less blue,” he said in an interview on the edges of the National Governors Association winter summit in Washington, D.C.

The largest and most reliable Republican state on the presidential map has fallen into the GOP column in every presidential election since 1980. Mitt Romney last year won the state and its 38 electoral votes by 16 percentage points.

But were it to tip the other way, thanks to its swelling Hispanic population and the growth of urban liberals in cities like Dallas and Austin, the Republican route to the White House would grow perilously narrow.

Many political pollsters and demographers predict the state could get wobbly sooner than many Republicans think, possibly going blue by as early as 2020.

Gov. Perry rejects that notion with his own version of “Remember the Alamo.” Why?

“It’s because of freedom,” he says. “People in Texas truly aspire to freedom. They don’t want government coming in and telling them how much of this or how much of that.”

At heart, he argues, there’s just something about Texas. “Democrats are about government getting bigger and bigger and government providing more and more,” he says. “Texans have never been for that, and Texans never will.”

Wild Thing's comment...................

I love how when Rick Perry speaks out it is always strong and not weak responses.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 24, 2013 12:50 AM


I don't know. With all the illegals coming here and folks fleeing liberal bastions, but bringing liberalism with them we could be altering our voting patterns. I sure hope not, but liberalism is like terminal cancer or a very contagious virus.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at February 25, 2013 07:40 AM