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January 12, 2013

LMAO....Gun parts store registers, uses it to promote gun rights

Gun parts store registers, uses it to promote gun rights

The Daily Caller

California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein — a staunch supporter of gun control — may soon regret not registering her own domain name, since will now be run by a firearm parts and accessories store that will use the site to promote gun rights.

“COMING SOON! Senator Feinstein’s Biggest Fan Page,” reads the title of the new pro-gun site, “Someone didnt [sic] register their own name… This should be fun. Thats right Dianne your biggest fan site is going to be run by…”

The domain name was created by California resident Dimitrios Karras on Jan. 4, 2013, according to Karros is the CEO of the gun parts and accessories store Ares Armor, which will now run the site.

“It’s funny,” Karras told the Daily Caller News Foundation, adding that his company was not very good at political correctness. “This is going to be an entertaining thing.”

Karras said that he was frustrated when he saw how Feinstein and other members of Congress managed the commenters that criticize them on their Facebook pages, and that he wanted to have platform where people could say whatever they wanted.

“[Feinstein's] got a big mouth on her, she thinks she’s pretty much the queen of the state. She almost thinks she’s the queen of the country,” he said.

“What we’re most likely going to do with this is, literally leave it open-ended,” Karras told TheDC News Foundation. “We’re going to put up a few posts and everything like that, but we’re not going to be moderating any of the comments. So it’s one of those things where people are going to be able say whatever the heck they want.”

“My thing is I may not agree with what people have to say, but I’m going to defend to the death their right to say it,” he said.

However, is not the only domain name Karras registered, telling TheDC that the next domain name to be released will be for California Sen. Barbara Boxer.

“She’s not the only one that we registered,” Karras said. “She’s just the first one that we’ve released.”

Feinstein — the author of the Assault Weapons Ban bill that expired in 2004 — has promised to introduce updated gun control legislation early this year, according to a statement.

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Wild Thing's comment.......................

Would I do this? No way. Not that it is illegal it isn't, but I would fight back in other ways. BUT I have to say I do love that someone did what this article says.

When a person has a domain name like the one for this blog, I have to make sure I do not let it run out, it costs money and if it ran out and I did not notice it fast enough I could be without it easily. Not fun at all if one is a blogger, but I doubt Feinstein will be upset about it except for what her domain name is being used for. hahahahahaha

Posted by Wild Thing at January 12, 2013 12:40 AM