Theodore's World: Gun Crime Soars in England by 35% Where Guns Are Banned

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December 16, 2012

Gun Crime Soars in England by 35% Where Guns Are Banned

Gun Crime Soars in England by 35% Where Guns Are Banned


Since NBC sportscaster Bob Costas gave us an anti-gun lecture two weeks ago during Sunday Night Football, we’ve heard a lot from progressives like Juan Williams, Bob Beckel and anti-gun advocacy groups about how countries in Europe with strict gun control laws don’t have problems with gun crime. We’ve also heard the reason the United States has a “gun crime problem” is because we allow citizens to own handguns however, the numbers on violent crime committed using a gun tell a different story.

New data out from the UK, where guns are banned, shows gun crime has soared by 35 percent.

The Government’s latest crime figures were condemned as “truly terrible” by the Tories today as it emerged that gun crime in England and Wales soared by 35% last year.

Criminals used handguns in 46% more offences, Home Office statistics revealed.

Firearms were used in 9,974 recorded crimes in the 12 months to last April, up from 7,362.

It was the fourth consecutive year to see a rise and there were more than 2,200 more gun crimes last year than the previous peak in 1993.

Wild Thing's comment................

This is the kind of thing that needs to be hammered into the brains of the gun haters. They do not care about the victims as much as they hate guns. They use the slaughter of the innocent to push their left agenda against guns.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 16, 2012 12:48 AM