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November 15, 2012

Yesterday Vile Liar RON PAUL...said goodbye in farewell remarks on the House floor

Vile Liar POS RON PAUL...said goodbye in farewell remarks on the House floor ........: His Capitol Hill career began in 1976, and tonight Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) gave his swan song as a Member of Congress. We are not sad to see him go.

In his 52 minute address he was quick to denounce Israel, the national security community, the "warfare state," and advocated numerous proposals that are well to the left of the Obama administration.

All Republicans want to reduce the size of government and cut the deficit, and his rhetoric on these topics was often admirable. However, at the same time he would be working with liberals to stop the conservative agenda.
Our efforts are directed at liberal Democrats, but we also oppose a variety of isolationist and protectionist organizations associated with Dr. Paul. The news media often describes these groups as libertarian, but we call them neo-liberal.

They are neo-liberal because they are well to the left of the Obama Administration on defense, foreign policy, trade and war on terror issues. The best known neo-liberals are Dr. Paul and former Gov. Gary Johnson (NM), who has already left the GOP.

We support a border fence to stop illegal immigrants but Ron Paul opposes it because "it could be used to keep us in."

He blames the United States for 9/11 and his extreme isolationism would help terrorists. The GOP platform advocates serious reforms, but in Ron Paul's America, there would be no public schools, Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare.

The Federal Aviation Authority and its air traffic controllers would be abolished along with the CIA, FBI, the Patriot Act, and the FDA, which ensures the safety of food and drugs. He would allow states to legalize dangerous drugs.

Paul would also do nothing to stop the development of nuclear weapons by the Islamic Republic of Iran. He wants to abolish sanctions on Iran and abandon Israel. He would do nothing if the Jewish State is attacked, and believes it is wrong to stop weapons shipments to Hamas. He also believes the Osama bin Laden raid was wrong.

Ron Paul always attacks "neo-cons," but he is the real neo-con, neo-confederate. He believes the South was right in the Civil War.

Paul is a moral monster who would have done nothing about the Holocaust, slavery or segregation.
He is the only Republican in the House or Senate who opposes the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Dr. Paul believes Abraham Lincoln was our worst President, and "destroyed the original intent of the republic." The original intent of the republic was that all men are created equal.

The conservative movement has changed the debate successfully on taxing and spending, and the American people agree with its criticism of the liberal agenda. Conservatives are making progress but on the key legislative initiatives, Dr. Paul voted with the liberals.

His supporters praise him for being consistent, but unfortunately he is consistently wrong.

He was one of four Republicans to reject the Ryan budget to cut the deficit by $6.2 trillion. He was also one of four Republicans who continues to ask for earmarks in defiance of the GOP ban. He then rejected $2.4 trillion in cuts and was one of nine Republicans to oppose the “Cut, Cap and Balance Act” to put the nation on a path towards a balanced budget. He voted against it even though a month earlier he had signed a pledge to vote for it.

In addition, he is against a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Rep. Paul claims these initiatives were not sufficient, but he would not accept them as a starting point.

The defense budget is already being cut by $1.1 trillion over the next decade, but Ron Paul/Barney Frank bill would go further by gutting the Pentagon. They want to end all modernization and readiness programs.

The Bush administration was not in "glee" about the 9/11 attack, and we believe GOP leaders should stand up in opposition when Ron Paul and other neo-liberal Republicans makes these outrageous claims.

The "Ron Paul Revolution" is a cause and it was never about the presidential campaign. Its goal was to fundamentally change the Republican Party from conservative to radical libertarian. Paul’s claims about the Patriot Act, NDAA, FISA, “900 military bases around the world,” “the warfare state,” the "North American Union," an "Amero" currency, and Obama's executive order concerning the White House grounds are all lies.

The Federal Reserve is not owned or controlled by world bankers. No stock in any Federal Reserve Bank has ever been sold to foreigners. Paul's claim that we are paying interest to the Fed is false.

His "End The Fed" book does not tell the truth. Unfortunately, far too many Republicans believe this nonsense.
We do not want to remove anyone from the Republican Party, but we understand the frustration with Ron Paul and the party's anti-defense wing. "Weekly Standard" editor Bill Kristol says: “A lot of people when they criticize Ron Paul have to preface their comments by saying, ‘you know, he’s good guy, he brings a lot to the debate.' I actually don’t buy that. I do not think he’s a particular good guy. I think it would be better for the Republican party, if he left the Republican party.”

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