Theodore's World: Michael Reagan: Romney Had the Best Debate Since Lincoln

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October 07, 2012

Michael Reagan: Romney Had the Best Debate Since Lincoln

Michael Reagan: Romney Had the Best Debate Since Lincoln

Michael Reagan, the son of former President Ronald Reagan, reacted to the first presidential debate. Many in the media agreed that Mitt Romney won the debate against President Obama, and even compared the GOP candidate to President Reagan. But his son disagrees, saying that this was the best debate performance since Abraham Lincoln.

He told Uma Pemmaraju that when it comes to his father, people remember a few sharp lines when he debated President Jimmy Carter or Walter Mondale. But, he says, “The debate that Mitt Romney put on the other night was not a Ronald Reagan debate, it was a Mitt Romney debate. […] From the beginning to the end — there was great moments all the way through.”

Reagan worries that by looking for another President Reagan, a new leader may be overlooked. He said, “We weren’t looking for Abraham Lincoln when we found Ronald Reagan, we were looking for a leader and I think the other night we found one.”

Wild Thing's comment...............

It was a great night and many that were still not thrilled with Romney have become supporters now. I hope it shows the talking heads on TV, the ones that say they are Republican that they need to stop with the " Romney needs to this and that." It only hurts our chances of getting Obama out of office and we only get this one chance.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 7, 2012 02:50 AM