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September 05, 2012

You Belong To The Government ~ Opening Video at DNC Convention

Opening Video of the Democrat National Convention: “Government is the Only Thing We All Belong To”

Incredible. What a way to start your Convention.

An opening video at the 2012 Democratic National Convention has this statement that pretty well says it all about the philosophy of the Democrats these days: “The Government is the only thing we all belong to.”

Wild Thing's comment.............

.Mitt Romney tweets: “We don’t belong to government, the government belongs to us.”

Thank God for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. America has a chance if people vote for them.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 5, 2012 02:55 AM


The last time DNC delegates got together four years ago in 2008:

There were 257 Democrats in the House, only 190 now.

56 in the Senate, 51 today.

There were 29 Governors of the 50 states; just 20 today.

In the 50 state legislatures there were 4,073, just 3,319 today.

There having been no opposition to this Party’s leader with this astounding record of failure over the last four years is proof positive the Democrats are in a daze. They’re delusional and detached from reality.

They’re going down big time come November 2012 because the polls that really count are elections. The losses in real numbers above confirm this total failure of leadership.

Those are kindergarteners gathered there in Charlotte, reared a lifetime with a huge false sense of entitlement that won’t know what to do when the loss this November finally hits them.

I expect more of this:

—Here we have in this video from the Wisconsin failed recall election of Governor Walker, Mike, a modern day product of the American left so insulated, so alien to any personal risk-taking, and so painlessly detached from real human life.  

An adult male, literally crying in public and on camera that democracy has died because he had so much invested in this election and blaming the election results on being out spent.

For the record Walker out raised Barrett 5 to 1 in-state.

What’s become of today's Democrat party just can’t make it in the marketplace of ideas.

Come November, the trail of tears out of this White House and back to Chicago will be another spectacle like what we all witnessed with the virulent thug behavior last year in the Wisconsin State Capitol; the incessant chants, relentless drum beating, damage to property, insulting in-your-face chants manifesting such infantile behavior all the while being paid not to work by union coffers.

It is no wonder Americans watching this charade are so repulsed by these delusional people, and the voters of Wisconsin voted with their ballots as they did.

Wisconsin citizens voted for Americans that work for a living, not for Americans that vote for a living.

On a larger scale, those delegates gathered in Charlotte mostly work for government, unions and academia.

Any government job cannot confer a lifetime of immunity from real life, that’s simply how real life works.

Real life is alien to these modern day Democrats. I contend they're still in kindergarten.

Posted by: Carlos at September 5, 2012 07:45 AM

This is what this election is all about. Do YOU belong to the government or does the government belong to YOU? People better wake up. We've already got government telling us what we can and can't eat and that women have to breast feed their babies. Problem is we have people that have become sheep. They want government to feed them, house them, and protect them while they stand around doing nothing, waiting to be fleeced.

Posted by: BobF at September 5, 2012 10:15 AM

Carlos is right.

There is a large segment of our population that, having learned the revisionist history taught by the members of the Techer's Unions, in our Public Schools, can think only in terms of what the Government can do for them.

We have come a long way since the 1961 Inauguration Speech, of another one time Democratic Party Icon, where the words, "think not of what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country".

The Progressive/Marxist wing of the Democratic Party began assuming control during the Johnson Administration. In 2008 with the coronation of Barak Obama, they achieved a huge victory.

If the American voters are willing to accept another four years of the march toward Collectivism, then the United States of America, will cease to exist, with absolutly no chance of recovering.

Posted by: Sean at September 5, 2012 10:25 AM