Theodore's World: 'Economic Collapse' If Obama Re-elected

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September 11, 2012

'Economic Collapse' If Obama Re-elected

'Economic Collapse' If Obama Re-elected

FOX News

Rush: 18 Months Before A Real U.S. Economic Collapse, If Obama Wins

Rush Limbaugh offered bold predictions on his nationally syndicated radio show Monday saying that another four years of President Obama will lead to "economic collapse" in the U.S. and the "end of the Republican Party."

RUSH LIMBAUGH: How long does this country have if Obama wins? We're headed toward an economic collapse and we are the leader of the world. And when it happens to us, there are reverberations all over the world, it's not like some poll dunk little European country collapsing that goes to another poll dunk European country for a bailout. When we collapse, world-wide reverberation. How long is it going to take? I'm asking a serious question. 18 months? You throw ObamaCare on to what we know what we are going to get from Obama, more debt, more spending, the expansion of the welfare state, how long can this go on?

How many of you think we are at the tipping point now? Medicare, Medicaid, social security, the years are 2020, 2022, 2024 as to when they implode.

How long do we have if this guy wins? And then what happens, if this guy wins?

Do you realize... who was it that I saw, Matthews was saying Friday on PSMNBC, if Obama wins, that's the end of Conservatism. Nope, if Obama wins, it's the end of the Republican Party. And there's going to be a third party that's going to be orientated towards Conservatism and Rand Paul thinks Libertarianism. If Obama wins, the Republican Party will try to maneuver things so Conservatives get blamed, the only problem is right now, Romney is not running a Conservative campaign. But they're going to set it up, "Well, the right sat home, the right made Romney be other than he is." They'll try to deflect the blame, but they got who they want.

How long do we have, folks. I know people, who think 18 months before a real United States economic collapse. That the fed can't do anything about, that the Chi-coms can't do anything about. Two years, four? Point is, that's what is on the other side of Obama winning, because he is not going to change anything.

“If Obama’s re-elected, it will happen. There’s no IF about this. And it’s gonna be ugly. It’s gonna be gut-wrenching, but it will happen. The country’s economy is going to collapse if Obama is re-elected. I don’t know how long: a year and a half, two years, three years.”

Limbaugh is expecting California to go belly up first, setting off a chain of financial calamities.

“California is going to declare bankruptcy and you know what Obama will do? He’ll go to states like Texas or Arizona, Florida to bail them out. That’s what he’ll do, and that’s gonna precipitate this stuff. California is showing where we’re headed in every which way,” Limbaugh said.

“This can’t go on, folks. We’re on an unsustainable course,” he continued. “You simply can’t pay people who aren’t working. You just can’t. You cannot pay them anything, much less full-fledged incomes, lifetime health care and lifetime pensions. You can’t do it. Even if you wanted to, even if that was your definition of fairness and equality, you can’t do it. The money isn’t there.

Wild Thing's comment..............

I believe with all that is in me there will be a collapse, absolutely. It is just a matter of time and
if more of Obama's agenda is put into play it will happen even faster.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 11, 2012 02:50 AM


I agree. If obama is reelected it will be a calamity. And, it will be sad and unnecessary.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at September 11, 2012 03:16 PM

Tom, thank you so much dear friend.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 12, 2012 03:03 AM