Theodore's World: Romney To Obama: "Take your Campaign of Division, and Anger and Hate back to Chicago"

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August 15, 2012

Romney To Obama: "Take your Campaign of Division, and Anger and Hate back to Chicago"

Speaking at a rally in Chillicothe, Ohio, and responding to VP Joe Biden's statement earlier in the day that Romney / Ryan would put African-Americans "back in chains" if elected.

Wild Thing's comment.............

Love it, thank you Mitt Romney.

Posted by Wild Thing at August 15, 2012 04:50 AM


I agree.

This is the sort of,"take no prisoners" persona that Romney needs to project from this point forward.

He and Ryan need to continue to concentrate on the issues, while at the same time deflecting and pushing back at the "personal attacks', leveled at them by various spokespersons of the Obama Campaign.

Many of the people who swallowed the rhetoric and the lies of the Obama campaign in 2008, and voted for him, are now looking for a Candidate that can show them some substance and speak in terms of reality.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are two men who have a track record of doing so, and that will continue.

At some point in time the Obama Campaign will have to start addressing the failures of his presidency. Many of the, up to this point, friendly media are starting to openly question many of the "facts", that are being thrown out by the Dems.

This alone benefits Romney and Ryan and should raise a red flag in the Obama camp.

Posted by: Sean at August 15, 2012 10:34 AM