Theodore's World: Paul Ryans Speech Last night at RNC Convention ( complete video)

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August 30, 2012

Paul Ryans Speech Last night at RNC Convention ( complete video)

Here is complete video of GOP Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan tonight accepting the VP Nomination and taking the fight directly to Barack Obama. Ryan explained how Obama has failed miserably as President, and challenged Americans to take control of their country by replacing Obama with the leadership of Mitt Romney. Ryan called Obama out repeatedly, and made it clear Romney and Ryan will not back down from the real issues facing the nation.

Wild Thing's comment........

In case anyone missed his speech and might be interested to hear what he had to say.

He did great. There were several zingers at Obama that were excellent.

This has been the best presidential election since when Reagan was elected. The whole thing has been really well done and so many great speeches. For those like me that realize how important this election it is very exciting.

Posted by Wild Thing at August 30, 2012 04:55 AM


Ryan has an ability to speak directly to you. He gave us a simple road map of what they want to do to get the nation back healthy.

Posted by: BobF at August 30, 2012 08:50 AM

Ryan's points were realistic and optimistic. He knows well what he is speaking about. He seems fearless and yet he is very personable. I'm thinking with his young age and if R&R can pull it off in Nov. and again in 2016, Ryan will be a very viable candidate for prez in 2020.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at August 30, 2012 12:14 PM