Theodore's World: Krauthammer on Akin: “He’s Gotta Leave, He’s Toxic” (Video)

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August 21, 2012

Krauthammer on Akin: “He’s Gotta Leave, He’s Toxic” (Video)

Yesterday, Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin went on a local public affairs show in St. Louis with, at most, 12 convalescent viewers and gave birth to the mother of all campaign gaffes in 2012. Responding to a question about rape exceptions to abortion, something asked of every GOP candidate since Roe v Wade, Akin said something about how in "legitimate rapes" pregnancies are very rare.

This is deadly goddamned serious business. This is the country we're talking about.

Sen. Claire McCaskill is the most vulnerable Democrat on the ballot this November. If you or I suddenly appeared on the ballot against her, we would be up 10 points in the polls. The GOP is often called the "stupid party", but they aren't that stupid. As you read this calls are being made across Missouri, smoothing Akin's exit and deciding on a replacement candidate.

After Akin withdraws the decision to name a replacement falls to the 71 members of the state GOP central committee. [See update] Speculation is currently focused on two candidates Akin defeated in the recent GOP primary; businessman Jim Brunner and former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman.


Krauthammer on Akin: “He’s Gotta Leave, He’s Toxic”


Hannity Calls For Akin to Withdraw From Senate Race

American Spectator

In an exclusive to The American Spectator, Sean Hannity has now called for Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin to withdraw from the Missouri Senate race.

Earlier this afternoon Hannity interviewed Akin, politely prodding Akin about the problems the Senate candidate will surely face over the next 79 days in the wake of his controversial rape remarks.

Now, interview over, Hannity has told TAS that he does indeed believe Akin should withdraw from the race.

This is big news.

The tide is quickly rising, and, to borrow from LBJ and his problem with Walter Cronkite on Vietnam, if Mr. Akin has lost Sean Hannity he’s losing conservatives.

Missouri is a key state — both for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and for GOP control of the Senate.

Akin’s controversy is a reminder that with 79 days to go there is a belief in conservative circles that there is no margin for error — not to mention a self-inflicted wound of this type.


Wild Thing's comment............

This Akin jerk is a real piece of work. I have no idea how he got as far as he has. If you google him there are tons of sickening and idiotic things he has said in the past that are either all time stupid or shocking.

One of the things he has said is that student loans cause cancer. He was not joking and repeated it.

I agree, he needs to go and right away.

Posted by Wild Thing at August 21, 2012 02:50 AM


Adkins win in the Missouri primary was as surprise to a lot of people here, including me. I never heard about the guy until McCaskil started running adds against him about two weeks before the primary. McCaskil ran the strangest adds against this guy. Her adds said he was “too Conservative” for Missouri and she listed some tings that were "red meat" for Conservatives. One of the guys at work said it was almost like she wanted the guy to win the primary and if you saw the add, it was. In the primaries, Adkin ran against a very successful Conservative businessman and Sarah Steelman who had strong support from Conservative groups; I wanted Steelman.

Up until his rape remark, Adkin was far ahead of McCaskil in the polls. Maybe McCaskil wanted Adkin as her opponent because she knew he would be the Republican version of Joe Biden. It seems she knew his mouth would win the election for her. McCaskil is a shrewd politician.

Why can’t some politicians just keep their mouth shut when talking on subjects they don’t know about? Especially when they’re being interviewed by left wing journalists.

Posted by: BobF at August 21, 2012 09:20 AM

Here's what's wrong with Washington and politics. This is a statement made by Mitch McConnell.

The Senate's top Republican, Mitch McConnell, said Akin's comments might "prevent him from effectively representing" the Republican Party.

Todd Akin or anyone else elected to the Senate isn't sent there to represent the Republican Party. They're sent there to represent ME! Not some political party but the people of the state that elected them.

Posted by: BobF at August 21, 2012 11:39 AM

Missouri has open primaries. That allows an opposing party with a safe contestant to encourage it's voters to cross over and vote for the opponant they would prefer to face in the general election. We Repubs did that to a degree by voting in the Dem primary in 2008 for Hillary. We thought MacCain might lose and would have preferred Hillary as the lesser Marxist to obama.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at August 21, 2012 11:34 PM