Theodore's World: Judge Napolitano on What Would Happen If You Refused to Pay for ObamaCare

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July 11, 2012

Judge Napolitano on What Would Happen If You Refused to Pay for ObamaCare

he IRS is gearing up for its new role as health care cop. The agency, whose main responsibility is to collect taxes, will soon be in charge of enforcing ObamaCare. How can the IRS police a bill that comes with no civil or criminal penalties for those who refuse to pay?

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on the issue on today’s Fox and Friends, saying that if someone chooses to pass on the health care plan, the IRS can withhold tax refunds and put a tax lien on your house.

“Because Mrs. Pelosi and company wanted unanimity amongst the Democrats when the law was enacted and because of some conservative Democrats, interestingly some of them are not going to the Democratic National Convention this year, insisted that some tools be taken away from the IRS, some were. So, the IRS cannot seek an indictment, a criminal charge for those who willfully refuse to pay this. The IRS cannot seize bank accounts or dock wages. The IRS cannot add penalties for your failure to pay, the only thing that keeps adding is interest, and the interest is established by the statute.”

Napolitano said that the scary part about this law is that it provides for 16,000 new IRS agents and funds them for the first four years.

Wild Thing's comment..............

If somehow we do not get rid of Obamacare then America will be done. I don't see how our country would survive this nightmare. Keep praying everyone.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 11, 2012 04:45 AM


IRS... if the Dept of Education has a SWAT team with lots of guns, you can bet they do too (enforcement at gunpoint, followed by "So sue us" or something like that).

Posted by: Anonymous at July 11, 2012 07:25 PM