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February 15, 2012

Report: Santorum’s Fiscal Record Not in Line With Tea Party

Rick Perry's points out that Senator Rick Santorum as a Pennsylvania Senator was a "Big Washington Spender" voting for "Ear Marks" . He voted for the Bridge to Nowhere TWO TIMES and repeatedly voted to protect unions.

Report: Santorum’s Fiscal Record Not in Line With Tea Party

Rick Santorum, who has emerged recently as an enduring conservative alternative to frontrunner Mitt Romney, is starting to feel the heat for his record. To start with, an op ed in the Miami Herald takes Santorum to task for multiple violations of Tea Party orthodoxy on fiscal issues:

Supporters of the tea party movement, the grass-roots conservatives who’ve been relentless in demanding tough, lean budgets, are rallying behind Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum – but Santorum‘s record suggests he’s hardly one of them. [...]

Yet while Santorum was a U.S. senator from Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2007, he was hardly the kind of die-hard fiscal conservative whom movement followers crave.

Among other things, the article accuses Santorum of getting close to $1 billion in earmarks, while voting for similarly wasteful projects like the infamous Bridge to Nowhere. It also points out his vote for the Prescription Drug Benefit as an example of his willingness to spend, and shares the reservations of leaders from several of the major fiscally conservative organizations, such as the National Taxpayers’ Union and the Club for Growth.

Santorum’s record on earmarks and spending, according to these sources, isn’t liberal enough to raise too many alarm bells, but is a long way from the sort of “no new spending” principled conservatism of a Jim DeMint or a Rand Paul. The article also claims that political expediency has been a deciding factor in more than a few cases where Santorum’s voting record is concerned, though he has a consistent record in favor of tax cuts.


Wild Thing's comment......

Santorum has been a big spender of our tax dollars and it will be up to the people to decide how much they care about that. So far what I have seen from the tea party movement and what they said they wanted and what they came through in supporting has been two different things. Perry had it all and my guess is there are a lot of tea party people that wish now they had thrown their support to Rick Perry.

One thing for sure this is the craziest election.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 15, 2012 02:47 AM


Too many Tea Party members proved they're not much different than those on the left. They allowed the news media and late night talk show hosts to form their opinion of Rich Perry. Perry had a couple of "brainfarts" and the left went after him like a shard to blood. Many Tea Party members didn't realize why the media went after him and wanted him out.

Posted by: BobF at February 15, 2012 09:21 AM