Theodore's World: Cain Is A Lot Like Obama: Herman Cain's 'blame game': 5 enemies he's holding responsible

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November 12, 2011

Cain Is A Lot Like Obama: Herman Cain's 'blame game': 5 enemies he's holding responsible

Herman Cain's 'blame game': 5 enemies he's holding responsible


The GOP hopeful swears the sexual harassment allegations against him are bogus. And he has an idea — many ideas, actually — of who's behind them

Herman Cain's "flailing blame game" has devolved into an utter mess, says Michael Gerson at The Washington Post. Facing years-old sexual harassment allegations that are threatening to derail his campaign, the GOP presidential hopeful has pointed his finger at many, many suspected culprits over the last two weeks while proclaiming his innocence. "I have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period," Cain said this week in a closely watched press conference. Who's behind the recent resurfacing of these (allegedly bogus) allegations? The Cain campaign has several theories. Here are five:

1. Rick Perry
When the story broke, Cain blamed the report on "factions that are trying to destroy me." One top Cain aide pointed the finger squarely at GOP presidential rival Rick Perry. "The actions of the Perry campaign are despicable," Cain's chief of staff, Mark Block, told CBS News. "Rick Perry and his campaign owe Herman Cain and his family an apology." Shortly thereafter, lacking proof, Block backtracked: "We want to move on with the campaign. Let's get over these things that don't mean anything to the American public."

2. The liberal media
Cain says "dishonest" journalists are making something out of nothing. After federal employee Karen Kraushaar revealed that she was one of the women who accused Cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s, Block told Fox News' Sean Hannity that she was the mother of a journalist at Politico, the news outlet that recently uncovered the old allegations. The Cain campaign wants to pawn off this scandal as "a liberal media conspiracy," says Alex Pareene at Salon. But "Josh Kraushaar, the reporter Block is referring to, no longer works at Politico." And he's not Karen Kraushaar's son.

3. Democrats
When Chicago-area single mom Sharon Bialek told the press this week that Cain had groped her after she sought his help finding a job in 1997, Cain found a new enemy to blame. Cain labeled Bialek a "troubled woman" who was being used by the "Democrat machine" to derail his campaign with false accusations. Of course, jokes Frank Michels at Salon, everyone knows a "secret Democratic cabal" called the "Democratic Strike Force" is "using science and espionage techniques to destabilize the Republican Party...."

4. Racists
Early on, a pro-Cain political action committee said "radical" liberals were out to bring down Cain, says Michael D. Shear at The New York Times. "This is what the Left always does," wrote Jordan Gehrke, the campaign director for "They hated Clarence Thomas. They hated Allen West when he ran in 2010. And now they hate Herman Cain. The Left spews such hatred at black conservatives because they know that if the G.O.P. ever breaks the Democrat stranglehold on the black vote, they are done as a party."

5. People who hate businessmen
One of Cain's latest suspects, say Christopher Palmeri and Lisa Lerer at Bloomberg Businessweek, are unnamed political insiders trying to prevent a businessman from being elected to the presidency. The American people want someone from the business world to run the country, Cain said, but professional politicians are trying to make sure one of their own gets the job. "The machine trying to keep a businessman out of the White House is going to be relentless," says Cain.


Wild Thing's comment......

Cain is one sick man! Look at the list and it tells a lot about Cain more then anything.

This guy has a lot of chips on his shoulder, much like Obama with his.

Posted by Wild Thing at November 12, 2011 04:50 AM


Well I give him 3.5 out of 5. The trickledown effect. From the White House to David Axelrod aka Obamas muscle. To a staffer on the Perry Campaign and on to politico. Notice the silence at Politico Since Rush called their Game. All three women have ties to the Democratic Party and Obama and Axelrod. checkout Jesse Jackson, Charlie Rangel and other black activist .silence they have no use for a educated
successful Black. If Rush doesn’t attack Cain but points out all the holes in the Bull S’it story and who these women work for and hung out with it points to the man at the top. And as for Obama and the oil
pipe line even Ray Charles can see the ploy there. Obama feels he almost has a lock on a second term
and doesn’t want to lose the green vote. Bingo, if he is re-elected Pipe line approved. And last but not
least Howard Stern said it is a political lynching. The game is the Republicans to lose. The game is tied
and it’s the fourth quarter with 10 min. to go the ball is on their own 5 yard line. What’s it going to be.

Posted by: Gator at November 12, 2011 12:28 PM

Hey Herman, I found the source of those accusations. It was ------- two illegal aliens in Alabama. They got angry at Alabama's new law against hiring illegals. They had to hang up their leaf blowers and move on to Massachusetts where it is cold in the winter. So they took their anger out on you because you are a businessman and they could not get hired at Godfather's Pizza. So Herman, now you know.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at November 12, 2011 12:42 PM

Chrissie be nice! In this case all of the leads go back to Chicago and the false trails were laid down to lead to Perry and Romney. The Obama smear campaign is falling for their old assumption that owning the MSM will keep truth from coming out.
The women all have ties back to Obama's Chicago organization. Herman Cain may owe Rick Perry's people a more public apology but the false trail was there.
Dislike Cain if you like cheap imports but the scandal is 100% Obama SOP,

Posted by: Avitar at November 12, 2011 11:04 PM

Thanks everyone.

Tom, LOL that is funny.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 13, 2011 03:45 AM