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October 19, 2011

If You Love America and Have Conservative Values THIS Is Your Man....Rick Perry!

Let's look at the borer issue:

Perry has had to deal with an international border that was suppose to be secured by the Federal Government on behalf of all the United States.

Perry has a tougher stance on border and immigration law enforcement than any of the other candidates and that is a fact.

Perry has exactly the right idea and the experience to stop illegal immigration. He can’t do it as Governor of Texas but he can do it as President.

He has actually put Texas Taxpayer money (400 million) on that border, Texas Ranger Recon Teams, have you ever seen or heard of the Texas Rangers Recon?They are about as BAD ASS as you can get. Then Perry has also put the Texas Guard and TXDot Officers along with equipment.

He has done it. He has experience with it.

He has fought Obama in Wash DC on one side and the drug cartels on the other side.

He has fought with Obama for 3 years to get Federal help. but Obama keeps sending troops to other countries to protect their borders. And then he runs guns down across the Texas/Arizona/New Mexico borders to the drug cartels.

And the Perry haters need to remember it is the Federal Governments job to secure it’s international border with another country not Texas.

Perry is also aware of the farmers and ranchers along the border and so those yakking about the fence the 1200 mile fence over a river, cliffs, mountains, huge lakes and American’s private property need to wise up and pay attention to all the things Perry HAS done about this issue.

Just because there are candidates out there that can speak like a car salesman (Romney), speak like they will spend billions and billions of dollars over 10-15 years to build a fence over Americans private property - lakes - 1200 mile river - cliffs - mountains - National Park - resorts (sounds nice Bachmann - except it will waste taxpayer money, won’t work & takes too long), speak like they want to not only build an Electrified Great Wall of China that would kill people and call it a joke does not mean they know what they are doing.

Mexico is the United States’ second-largest export market and third-largest trading partner.

Top U.S. exports to Mexico include electronic equipment, motor vehicle parts, and chemicals.

And there are more than a MILLION AMERICANS living in Mexico. (legally of course)

On a DAILY BASIS, there are one million people and one billion dollars worth of commerce crossing the US-Mexico border. Again on a daily basis.

And just one more thing, Mexicans come legally into the United States everyday to shop, vacation and spend their money.

Many people in the US do not realize that 50% of Mexicans are not poor but are in fact wealthy and they like to spend their money in the United States.

An American President pissing off Mexico is not a good thing for America or our economy.

If an American President can tick off Mexico, what other countries are they going to possibly cause friction with?

Foreign Policy: You need someone who does not shoot off their mouth, is inexperienced, non Presidential and that does not know what they are doing. (We have that now)

We don't want to start straining relationships or worse wars with our allies.

Take a look at Cain for example. We hear some of the media and the Cain supporterss say Perry is not prepared for the debates. I disagree, Perry is simply not good with debates. I wish he was but I am discussing about being prepared and the one who is NOT prepared is Cain. Cain has shown he is lacking in the foreign policy area already during some of his interviews.

Mexico is a foreign country as is Israel. Cain wants a high wall the entire distance ( which will not happen) and look at his answer about Israel.

Example - Transcripts below: From Chris Wallace interview of Cain

WALLACE: Where do you stand on the right of return?

CAIN: The right of return? [pause] The right of return?

WALLACE: The Palestinian right of return.

CAIN: That’s something that should be negotiated. That’s something that should be negotiated.

“I don’t think they have a big problem with people returning,”

And there is also this by Gilchrist:

Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist endorses Rick Perry for Texas governor

“I had to come 1,200 miles to find a governor who believes in a simple principle called the rule of law,” Gilchrist said at the Crescent Hotel. “I’m here to encourage all you Texans to stand your ground and get out there and vote for this governor.”

Gilchrist later added that “Perry has a clear record of decisive action to secure our borders, stop illegal drug and human trafficking trade and is very clearly the right choice for voters in Texas to fight illegal immigration.”

In accepting the endorsement, Perry blasted the federal government’s effort to secure that nation’s borders.

“Washington’s record on border security has been one of indifference, of neglect and failure,” Perry said. “That’s why Texas has been stepping up with resources to fill the gap left by Washington.”

Perry said the state, over the last two legislative sessions, has pumped in over $225 million for border security.
“We’re not going to rest in Texas until that border is completely secure,” Perry said.


The Trans-Texas Corridor never happened - Perry put a stop to it.

GREAT article below from......

Most Conservative State Representative in Texas Endorses Rick Perry for President - Explains Trans-Texas Corridor

The following week several of us met with Governor Perry and the TXDOT Commissioner and Executive Director to share the frustration and opposition of our constituents across the state to the TTC.

After a lengthy meeting, Governor Perry did something that has made me respect him as I have no other leader which I have observed or served alongside.

He sat back in his chair, gave our arguments thought and said, “Tell your constituents you talked to the Governor, and the Trans-Texas Corridor is no more.”

To this day, the handful of legislators in attendance at that meeting have respected Rick Perry—a man who was confident, honest, and exhibited absolute integrity to his citizens.

He often does not receive the proper recognition and credit he deserves for his decisive response to the will of Texas citizens against the TTC.

When presented with their objections and opposition, he brought a halt to the ill-conceived TTC. This is in stark contrast to our current President who sees the destructive results of his policies and has no intention of admitting fault or changing course, but instead blames everyone else for his errors in judgment.

From his action to end the TTC to his signature on legislation to protect the rights of coastal property owners struggling to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of a hurricane, Rick Perry has responded to Texan landowners’ concerns about private property rights.



October 1, 2008 Gov. Rick Perry releasesd this statement

“In a free market economy, government should not be in the business of using taxpayer dollars to bail out corporate America. Congress needs to take off its partisan gloves and work together to bring both short and long term stability to the credit markets. They need to stop blaming each other and start thinking about solutions that put the taxpayers of this country first.”

So to those of you that like Herman Cain's 999 plan.

As Center for American Progress Vice President for Economic Policy Michael Ettlinger put it, the plan “would be the biggest tax shift from the wealthy to the middle-class in the history of taxation, ever, anywhere, and it would bankrupt the country.”

ANALYSIS: Cain’s ’999′ Plan Would Cause Largest Deficits Since WWII, While Increasing Taxes For Most Americans

And the Cain people keep pushing the lie that Paul Ryan supports Cain's 99 plan even after THIS has been posted at my blog and on Facebook by many of us.

Kevin Seifert, a spokesman for Ryan, clarified late Thursday that the budget committee chairman has not endorsed Cain or the specifics of his “9-9-9″ plan, but rather that he “loved” that it was becoming “a starting point for a larger conversation on tax reform.”

Perry's Plan Phase 1

This is a great plan. Lots of substance...showing how fast Perry intends to put Americans back to work. What is nice is Perry’s 11 years experience as Governor...he has what is needed for this country NOW. President is not an entry level job. You don’t walk in the Oval Office wondering how this all works.

Governor Perry's Energy Paper Hits All The Right Notes

Rick Perry released his aptly named Energizing American Jobs and Security plan, a blueprint outlining his energy and environmental policies. Leaving no rock unturned, Perry lays out a strong plan aimed at spurring domestic investment and job creation, reining in the out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); and reducing our nation’s deficit.

Keeping in line with much of the legislation coming out of the Republican controlled House of Representatives, Perry first looks to undo the damage caused by the Obama Administration over the past three years. Refusing to issue drilling permits at a reasonable rate, the Department of the Interior has put forth an impossible number of hoops for oil and natural gas producers to jump through. Across town, Lisa Jackson’s EPA has scared America’s job creators into inaction. With a slew of punitive, unnecessary regulations coming down the pipe, America’s manufacturers and energy producers are hording capital until they fully comprehend EPA’s compliance costs. Perry’s blueprint would reprimand these agencies, expediting permit processing and giving American businesses the certainty investment requires.

Consistent with Perry’s record as governor, he believes that state-run EPAs are best equipped to determine and enforce environmental regulations. Bogged down in the fight against the federal EPA, devolution of environmental regulation to state agencies is something conservatives should talk about more.

Also encouraging is Perry’s plan to simplify our distortive tax code through repealing tax credits and subsidies. Cleaning up the code of course, would be done in a revenue neutral way as he promised Americans he would not raise their taxes when he signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. ATR has long championed this strategy for tax reform, which was modeled after Reagan’s successful 1986 plan. Repealing credits and plowing the savings into lower rates would not only simplify the tax code, but make it more fair—a step towards a truly innovative free energy market.

I believe Oct 25 is the date Gov. Perry has scheduled to unveil his economic growth package. As mentioned above it "will tackle tax reform, entitlement reform and real spending reductions."


Cains idiot challenge Perry for evangelical votes

I will not judge anyone that says they are a Christian and for Cain to mouth off like he did shows me how truly shallow he is. He knows Perry had a prayer weekend for Texas asking for rain, he is aware Perry IS a Christian.

Perry is 100% Pro-Life and has always been pro life.
He recently got a bill passed in Texas that requires women to get a sonogram and if willing a discussion from doctor before she can get an abortion.

He believes marriage is God ordained and between a man and a woman.

Rick Perry is all these things:

Pro-10th Amendment

Pro=2nd Amendment



Pro-Domestic Drilling


Pro-Lower Federal Regulation

Pro-Patriot who Loves America

Pro-Balance Budget Amendment

Pro-Lowering Taxes

Pro-Smaller Government

Pro-Securing the Border

Against-Amnesty for Illegals

Against-Drivers License for Illegals

Pro-Voter ID to prevent Illegals voting.

Lowered Taxes in Texas * Balanced the State Budget for the first time since World War II



Against-Obama's Policies

Has been fighter against Obama for 3 years

Has fought back against Obama AND the EPA


A 3 term Governor of the largest mainland State. Governor for 25 million people.

Served as a pilot in the US Air Force flying C-130's.

LOVELY First Lady Anita!!!

Has extensive Experience governing and Leading.


Rick Perry's Book ......" Fed Up"...............

"FED UP!" by Gov. Rick Perry - Forward by NEWT GINGRICH: Rick Perry's book "almost came too late"

"I wish this book had never needed to be written. It almost came too late. America is recklessly accelerating toward economic disaster. Fed Up! may be the last warning sign to the danger that lies ahead. Rick Perry, Texas governor for the past decade, is uniquely qualified to offer a firsthand perspective on why the United States—the most successful civilization in human history—is being threatened with economic collapse.
First Principles
Faith, freedom, and free enterprise are the pillars of a strong, safe, prosperous society. Rick knows that when these principles are protected, America succeeds, and when they are undermined, America fails. But the Left has a different belief. The Left believes that most people are not capable of pursuing happiness and that a strong centralized government is best able to provide for them. While claiming compassion for humanity, the Left's policies are destructive to the human beings subject to them—as we have had to learn painfully again and again.

The Left's self-serving solution to every crisis, economic or otherwise, and many of their own doing, is always the same: inflict higher taxes on Americans to create more government programs with more rules and regulations that result in less freedom, less innovation, less safety, and less prosperity.

The problem with the Left’s one solution, as Rick forcefully explains in the pages that follow, is that it doesn't work. It's never worked, and it never will work. The record shows it.

But what the record also shows is that when power and freedom are returned to the people, when people are rewarded for work, and when government holds the line on spending, individuals and opportunity thrive. We have seen that result most spectacularly recently in Texas, and in the mid-1990s


Wild Thing's ( aka Chrissie) comment..........

I did not list all the issues but enough of the ones that are mostly discussed.

I love Perry's Paln 1 and am looking forward to the others. It is a great plan. Lots of substance...showing how fast Perry intends to put Americans back to work. What is nice is Perry’s 11 years experience as Governor...he has what is needed for this country NOW. President is not an entry level job. You don’t walk in the Oval Office wondering how this all works.

Rick Perry has the conservative goods, and the record to prove them. Rick Perry has the qualities that make a good president, he is a conservative, and on the issues which anyone can check out online he is pretty much down the line what the Republican party base has wanted and looked for.

When the GOP listens to the conservative base elections are won, when they push a non conservative on the base too many stay home and do not vote.

It is a fact, Perry has not done well in debates. But when he gives a speech rooms are silent, people learn forward with intensity listening and not only liking what Perry says but loving it. He rouses passion once again in his speeches for the America we love and have missed since back in the Reagan years. Listen to some of his speeches they stand out compared to all the other candidates. None of the others can reach out and make a person feel like that. Someone said once how they miss having a President that when he speaks one is left with great quotes from the speech. We had that with Ronald Reagan and we would have that with Rick Perry.

Listen to some of his speeches they stand out compared to all the other candidates. None of the others can reach out and make a person feel like that. Someone said once how they miss having a President that when he speaks one is left with great quotes from the speech. We had that with Ronald Reagan and we would have that with Rick Perry. I am not talking about othe jingle ad type of speaking that Herman Cain does or the rhetoric of no passion and fake feeling from Romney, but real substance. The kind that Perry brings from deep within his heart.

That Perry was in the military is another plus. He loves our troops and Veterans and both have responded to him in a positive way.

Rick Perry is a bottom line man. He cuts through the garbage and goes where we need to go....pass all the silly garbage and hit the bottom line of the situtation along with the solution to that particular problem.

Perry on Obamacare......“No issue is more critical for the defense of freedom and the American way of life than the preservation of our free-market health care system and the total repeal and dismantling of so-called Obamacare.” ~ Rick Perry

I will finish this post with a quote by Rick Perry. One can feel Reagan as you read it. Perry is NOT Reagan and no one will be. But Reagan IMO is a standard of excellence, not perfect but one that has been the best President in my lifetime. If anyone could come close to that love of our country, that wanting everyone to have the American dream and not just in lofty words but in a President that wanted it for all of us it is like Reagan was...... Gov. Rick Perry.

"What I learned growing up on the farm was a way of life that was centered on hard work, and on faith and on thrift," Perry said. "You see, as Americans we’re not defined by class, and we will never be told our place. What makes our nation exceptional is that anyone, from any background, can climb the highest of heights. As Americans, we don’t see the role of government as guaranteeing outcomes, but allowing free men and women to flourish based on their own vision, their hard work and their personal responsibility. And as Americans, we realize there is no taxpayer money that wasn’t first earned by the sweat and toil of one of our citizens." ~ Rick Perry ( quote taken from his announcement to run for President)

Posted by Wild Thing at October 19, 2011 12:47 AM


Great post about all of Rick Perry's conservative credentials. Perry is a true conservative and American patriot. He is not a GOP/RNC moderate insider. Perry's morals and economic beliefs are what we need. Those were Reagan's strongpoints. Dubya had the morals and patriotism, but he was a moderate and a globalist.

One error in this post states that 50% of Mexico is wealthy. Not. If that was true there would be no illegal immigration to the US. Mexico is a major trading partner and that needs to be remembered. If we can encourage economic growth in Mexico and discourage their corruption that would lessen illegal immigration.

I am familiar with the TTA Plan. Perry pushed it. It would have caused many Texas citizens to lose property through imminant domain. Texan backlash against the TTA was loud and firm. Perry deserves all the credit in the world for backing off the TTA project after hearing the citizens' voices. Same with the vaccine proposal.

Perry has some blemishes, but very few. His morals and conservative values outweigh his blemishes. Most of the other GOP candidates have some conservative values(except Romney), but none of them match Perry's. Perry is my choice now and I back him enthusiastically. My greatest political and moral hope right now is that Perry is elected president and we conservatives can proudly brag about him as we brag about Ronald Reagan.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at October 19, 2011 12:14 PM