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September 07, 2011

Obama Campaigns from the Sinking Titanic, Grants Amnesty to Illegals by Fiat

Obama Campaigns from the Sinking Titanic, Grants Amnesty to Illegals by Fiat, Tries To Hide Involvement in Project Gunrunner

by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

As many Americans mourn a jobless Labor Day, Obama is scheduled to give a campaign speech this week to both chambers of Congress on the taxpayers’ dime. The subject will be all the jobs he and his socialist administration have destroyed during the past three years. Let’s see how he spins the fact that no jobs were created in August for the first time since 1945---66 years ago!

This president and his agencies have continued to impose paralyzing new federal regulations on small businesses and done nothing to cut corporate taxes, both of which will be necessary to achieve an economic recovery. Otherwise, businesses will continue to hoard cash to defray the costs of Marxist Obamacare and additional federal regulations. Is it any wonder many businesses continue to move overseas where regulations and taxes are reasonable because other governments know that private sector capitalism is the key to their strength and prosperity? That is contrary to the Marxist ideology of Obama and his corrupt buddies. The upcoming speech will certainly propose more government spending on federal job programs framed as ‘helping the middle class’, rather than catalyzing a private sector recovery.

Most of the shovel-ready government funded jobs promised with the previous trillion dollar stimulus did not materialize since those dollars were paid as kickbacks to the public sector unions which will as usual recycle that money into Obama’s re election campaign. Meantime, Obama this week designated ‘Project Vote’ to handle his re election campaign by mobilizing the dead, convicted felons and illegals to which he has granted amnesty over the objections of Congress.

It seems odd he would choose the name ‘Project Vote’ since the original infamous Project Vote was exposed for election fraud after the 2008 elections in connection with ACORN. This is proof that those on the Left don’t care about morality (knowing right from wrong) and ethics (doing what is acceptable).

The American people who voted for BO continue to wait that ‘hope and change’ they were promised. The rest of us who saw through the charades of the Left from the very beginning are more concerned about the ongoing and increasing lawlessness of Emperor Obama and Chief Enforcer of Injustice Holder, with at least two investigations of critical importance either underway or about to begin: Representative Issa and Senator Grassley continue their investigation of Project Gunrunner in which our own government violated laws in pursuit of their anti-gun agenda by allowing guns to enter Mexico bound for cartels which then were found at murder scenes on either side of the border and included the deaths of at least two border agents.

This week the committee learned that an Arizona Federal chief prosecutor ordered a cover-up of the discovery of these weapons at crime scenes so to not expose the illegal misdeeds of the Administration and its agencies---in particular the Department of Injustice. Despite the Obama administration’s previous denial of knowledge of this scandal, it was found this week that several of his national security personnel in the White House were aware of Project Gunrunner. Issa and Grassley are relentlessly working to find out how high in the DOIJ and White House this goes---who knew and who ordered it.

The other major issue is Obama’s clear violation of the Constitution with respect to enforcement of immigration laws. We all know the Department of Injustice and Homeland Insecurity continue to not enforce our laws but maliciously filed suits against numerous states which have tried to protect themselves from illegal immigration and its expensive and sometimes deadly consequences.

Just recently Obama took this a step further through his constitutionally illegal use of executive powers to enact his own Dream Act which gives amnesty to illegals in order to enlarge his voting base and further destroy America. The Constitution grants lawmaking powers only to the Congress, and the Executive branch must enforce those laws. Rep. Peter King and two other representatives have asked for a committee of Congress to immediately investigate Obama’s illegal actions.

As for Obama’s speech before the Congress, expect more garble about shovel-ready infrastructure projects at taxpayer expense which never worked with the first stimulus. Narcissists like Obama refuse to do what is right but rather whatever is most convenient to achieve their selfish objectives---in this case his re election by offering proposals which on the surface appear reasonable but which discerning minds recognize as politically motivated ploys by Obama to set up scenarios in which GOP resistance to his socialist proposals will be used against them during his campaign. This is one example of how those with Liberal Mental Disorder use lies and manipulation to achieve their ill-conceived goals.


Wild Thing's comment......

Great write up by the Dr.

As far as I know Obama is the first president to go this much against our Constitution. I can't remember anyone else doing it like this ever.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Posted by Wild Thing at September 7, 2011 02:48 AM


Oh Boy! Another self praising oratory from Zero. He will introduce more Marxist plans, blame all failures on Bush and the Repubs and announce more "stimulu"s spending. Then at 8 o'clock he will begin another vacation.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at September 7, 2011 01:13 PM

Tom, that was great, thank you!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 7, 2011 11:47 PM