Theodore's World: Herman Cain Sings "God Bless America" Over Images Of The Horrific Events Of 9/11

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September 10, 2011

Herman Cain Sings "God Bless America" Over Images Of The Horrific Events Of 9/11

Herman Cain sings "God Bless America" over images of the horrific events of 9/11


Wild Thing's comment......

Yes God bless America and God bless Herman Cain.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 10, 2011 02:50 AM


Herman Cain lost alot of support with his statement, he would appoint Muslims to key posts. the Majority of people don't trust muslims. Where the left is still believes that if we treat them fairly they will leave us along.

I don't think so, their agenda is the corruption of the United States and it always has been. Just one more reason the left can not be trusted with National Security or for that matter ant security.

Posted by: Mark at September 10, 2011 08:08 AM

chrissy, perfectly said ! this is a day to reflect and remember the events on that tragic day and to honor those victims that lost their lives, they are not forgotten. god bless you and all your wonderful readers and followers on this anniversary of 9/11/. today i stand proud and as lee greenwood sang in his great song , which i feel is the very essence of america "And I'm proud to be an American,where at least i know i'm free., and i wont forget the men who died, who gave that right to me" -" god bless the USA " -gary

Posted by: latitude38 at September 11, 2011 02:47 AM

Thank you Mark and latitude38 for your input.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 11, 2011 03:15 AM