Theodore's World: Obama After 2 1/2 Years As President Still Has NO Plan Himself To Add To Discussions Instead Slams Republicans For Their Many Atempts

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July 23, 2011

Obama After 2 1/2 Years As President Still Has NO Plan Himself To Add To Discussions Instead Slams Republicans For Their Many Atempts

Video is his vile rant in case anyone would like to hear/see it . ~ Wild Thing

Obama blasts GOP, Boehner on debt: ‘We have run out of time’

A petulant and infuriated Obama in the White House Briefing Room , announcing that House Speaker John Boehner has broken off talks on doing a so-called “Big Deal” on the Debt Limit Crisis. Obama said, “we have now run out of time,” and he said he has ordered “Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and Harry Reid” to the White House Saturday morning to meet with him .

The Hill

The president, in possibly his most emotional and stern appearance to date, said in no uncertain terms that he is summoning congressional leaders to the White House on Saturday morning.

“I want them here at 11 o’clock tomorrow,” Obama said. “We have run out of time, and they are going to have to explain to me how it is we are going to default.”

Obama’s fury toward Boehner was on full display as he several times accused the Speaker of walking away from the talks.

“I’ve been left at the altar now a couple of times,” Obama said.

The president was angry on a number of counts, but he seemed especially miffed by Boehner’s refusal to communicate with him on Friday before he walked away from the table.

Obama said he had a “cordial” relationship with Boehner “up until sometime today when I couldn’t get a phone call returned.”

Reporter to Obama: "Can You Assure the American People That They Will Get Their Social Security Checks on August 3rd And If Not Who is To Blame?

This is a question from CNN's Jessica Yellin

Obama: "If congress, in particular the House Republicans are not willing to make sure that we avoid default, then I think it's fair to say that they would have to take responsibility for whatever problems arise in those payments"

Krauthammer Slams Obama for Angry Press Briefing: “This is Obama at His Most Sanctimonious, Demagogic, Self-Righteous and Arrogant”

Krauthammer reacting to President Obama’s arrogant and angry statement yesterday late afternoon in the White House Briefing Room on news that House Speaker John Boehner was breaking off talks with Obama on a “big” Debt Limit Deal.

He blasted Obama for essentially acting like a “Banana Republic” Dictator, in thinking he can order around leaders of Congress, which he pointed out, is a “co-equal” branch of government in our system:

“This is Obama at his most sanctimonious, demagogic, self-righteous and arrogant. And given the baseline, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Look, he started out by summoning the leaders of Congress – summoning them at 11:00. Who does he think he is? In the American system the Executive and Congress are co-equal. The way he demanded their appearance in the Oval Office I thought was disgraceful. . . . The President offered nothing except if you go in the back room my staff will give you tick-tock – a detail of everything I was supposed to have given. He has never once spoken about real cuts. And lastly, what was interesting is even at the late date where he says that the fate of the republic hangs on the debt ceiling extension, he said if given a short extension of say half a year, I won’t accept it. Why? Because he says I want this to go past Election Day. That is self-serving and political and he pretends he is the one who is not interested in politics.”

Conservative Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told Martha MacCallum tonight that Obama’s performance today showed “he is not the adult in the room.”

“I never believed the president negotiated in good faith. If he was really serious about this, Martha, he would have been at the negotiating table six months ago. He would have presented a serious budget rather than the one he presented to us in February that would have added 12 trillion dollars to our debt and lost in the United States Senate 0 to 97.. His performance tonight showed that he certainly is not the adult in the room.”

John Boehner responds: Obama 'moved the goal posts'

Los Angeles Times

Speaker John Boehner said late Friday said it was the president who scuttled the plan.

"The White House moved the goal posts," he said, with Obama demanding $400 billion in revenues beyond what the two had already agreed to. "It's the president who walked away from his agreement and demanded more money at the last minute."

The Ohio Republican also said Democrats also weren't serious about cutting spending and true entitlement reform. He said dealing with the White House "is like dealing with a bowl of Jell-O."

Boehner said he would immediately begin working with fellow lawmakers to reach a solution to avoid a federal default. He said he would also attend the meeting Obama called for at the White House on Saturday.

"If the White House won't get serious, we will," he said.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Thank you Speaker and Thanks To All Junior and Conservative Congressmen/women who have stood strong to make our voices heard in Washington.

NO MORE TAXES commie Obama.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 23, 2011 06:55 AM


Obama is doing all he can to blame this on the Republicans. He knows his time is short and 2012 is coming up fast. He wants to take this country to Hell and blame Republicans so he and his party can gain both houses of congress. If that happens, there will be no stopping them this time. This reminds me of a bible verse.

Revelation 12:12 Therefore rejoice , ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

Posted by: BobF at July 23, 2011 09:43 AM

Let's face it folks, the need to raise the Debt Ceiling, the call for the doubling of fuel efficiency standards, just to name a couple, are not the ideas of Obama, although he buys into them.

He is merely the spokesperson for the architect of all of these plans to bring down this Nation.

George Soros.

It has been that way from the very start of this Administration's time in office. Obama is nothing more than a figurehead, who happens to be a excellent speaker, able to sway people. Want proof? Listen to him without his teleprompter.

The real villian here is Soros. What he is doing here is what he has attempted to do every place he has gone. Create a crisis, then step in and gain control.

The American voter dealt a blow to all of this in 2010, but that only served to slow it down. If all of this is to end, then the head of the snake must be severed in 2012.

Posted by: Sean at July 23, 2011 10:33 AM

At SPangdahlem Air Base in West Germany we often visited the sceneic town of Trier and the Roman architectural ruins around the town on the Mosel River. Trier is also the home of the Father of Marxism Karl Heinz Marx. We toured his home and saw and smelled SOCIALISM in person. Karl Hussein Marx Obama has a plan which is to DESTROY the USA and make it the Un-United States of Entitlements -
the Europeons II! Obamao's eyes have no soul nor conscience.

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at July 23, 2011 04:51 PM

Saturday 23 July 2011.

Friends of Theodore's World,

With this Saturday night's nice and easy turndown service, here's trumpeter Chris Botti and Lucia Micarelli on violin in this stunning performance of "Emmanuel".

I was so very fortunate to see these two top talents last Summer with Marvin Hamlisch conducting the Pop's Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in Washington. It's interesting to note, and I was surprised to find that Lucia Micarelli performs barefoot on stage.

This is well worth six minutes of your time. Relax for a moment and enjoy these two virtuosos:

Posted by: Carlos at July 23, 2011 08:20 PM

Thank you everyone so much.

Carlos, thanks for the music, love it.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 24, 2011 04:19 AM

Thank God for Fox News! I'm old enough to remember when it was impossible to point out shinanigains on the part of a Democratic President.
There was a book "It didn't Start with Watergate" and a very few others that pointed out how the Democrats could use their media machine to whitewash their policies after the fact. When LBJ could take a Civil Rights bill Republican had supported for a hundred years, add a few million dollars of street money to buy off Black leaders and sign a the bill with the ponouncements that he will have the blacks voting Democrat for the next hundred years. All of this after he got elected Vice President with KKK support.

Posted by: Avitar at July 25, 2011 02:02 AM