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June 03, 2011

Dick Morris: Goodbye Mortgage Interest Deductions ..Obama's Plan

Dick Morris explains the reasons behind the double dip in real estate and housing prices. He blames Obama's plans to raise taxes and his efforts to repeal the mortgage interest deduction.

Wild Thing's comment......

It never ends with obama! His voters better wake up and I also wish they would start to scream out about what their obama is doing. THEY will be effected like everyone else by the monster they voted for.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 3, 2011 04:55 AM


I've been seeing ads on AOL, that if you own more that $750,000 dollars the govt. aka the Tax payer, will pay for your mortgage. Via reducing your rates. or you can apply for a loan of this amount. Using Welfare stubs as proof of your income. Then they show a picture of Some Whino, the guy on the corner with the brown bag, implying he has gotten this type of loan.

Are they nuts how can anyone afford a mortgage at 750,000 dollars? This is what obama calls "AFFORDABLE HOUSING".

Posted by: Mark at June 3, 2011 07:15 AM

Moves like this are further proof of Obama's agenda regarding the re-distribution of wealth.He is going to continue to ram this Socialist/Communist agenda forward, as long he is President.

If in the last half of 2012, he appears to be a Lame Duck President, then it will intensify. It's going to get worse, until it gets better.

California Legislature tried doing the same thing a few years ago.

The backlash from property owners, who also are the most likely to vote, was so overwhelming, that the idea never got off the ground.

That being said, it is not a bad idea to inform your Senators and Congress Representative, of your awareness.

Posted by: Sean at June 3, 2011 09:43 AM

Don't take my word for it folks but I truly believe 1/2 to 1/3 rd of our citizens are brain dead. (Literally) That won't be helpful. On and just in case, I'm going to my local outdoors purveyor this weekend to purchase some additional lead.

Posted by: Eddie (Enemy of the State) at June 3, 2011 11:36 AM

A beautiful African-American neighbor (She can give Diana Ross a run...) runs an IHOP and she is with US all the way... She see's the bad credit and bad check customers AFTER they eat at her restaurant. She's fed up with Baraghead Hussein Obamao and his REDISTRIBUTION of socialism BAMBOOZLING scams!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at June 3, 2011 12:19 PM

I saw a survey poll this week that 71% of registered Democrats think the Government should be working to redistribute wealth. Given the size of the Democrat Party that means that almost 20% of the American population wants to kill and rob their fellow US citizens. Congress should begin and investigation into why people would believe that this is not pure evil.

Posted by: Avitar at June 3, 2011 02:36 PM

If you are a homeowner you are a have.

Regardless of how you earned it, it is unfair and unjust that you should own housing while there are others that do not.

So we elitist central planners in Washington must take from you and give to the have nots in order to redistribute wealth.

Truth be told, we are not redistributing wealth, but redistributing misery for everyone.

If history has taught us anything, it is that we cannot redistribute ourselves to prosperity.

In the liberal mind equality trumps prosperity. It is a vile creed of sloth and deceit.

Industry, work, productivity, wealth creation are all anathema to them. To them the pie is always the same size when in reality economies are never stagnant. Always in motion, they expand and contract.

Wealth creation and resultant job growth come only within a growing private sector which provides for everything and everyone including all federal, state, and local government salaries in the public sector whose entire livelihood comes from the taxes extracted from a growing private sector.

The collectivist policies of this White House continue to grow the public sector unsustainably with a diminishing private sector stifling any enduring economic recovery, providing little prospective hope looking forward for the essential risk takers and the job creators that provide work and real prosperity.

Without a recovery in housing we will not come out of our current situation. So much goes into the hard and soft costs of new construction. Housing development provides employment for so many construction trades and so many material suppliers where far too many now in 2011 are currently idle.

Of course if you come from an ideology that seeks to fundamentally transform our nation, to abolish the private sector altogether, and to have everyone work for government under the rule of elite collectivist central planners in a far away capital who seek a life by government ration for all of us, then it all makes sense.

It's good, particularly so when former liberals become conservatives like Dick Morris explain this.

Posted by: Carlos at June 3, 2011 10:16 PM

Wow, GREAT input and information. Thank you all so much.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 4, 2011 03:10 AM