Theodore's World: By Any Other Name Thy Name Is Weiner....Possibly Broke House Ethics Rules

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June 07, 2011

By Any Other Name Thy Name Is Weiner....Possibly Broke House Ethics Rules

At a Sheraton Hotel in New York City where Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner had scheduled a press conference for 4 PM ET. Before Weiner could come out to the press, Andrew Breitbart was seen in the back of the room, and the press urged him to go to the podium to answer questions. Breitbart took the platform and answered several questions about the photos of Anthony Weiner he has been releasing throughout the day today – one of them showing Weiner barechested, which Weiner had allegedly sent to a woman. Breitbart said he also had a very explicit photo, which he is holding back for the sake of Weiner’s family. He said he felt Weiner owed him an apology for claiming his Twitter account was “hacked” when the first information came out from Breitbart about the scandal several days ago. Breitbart then left the podium. The video above shows Breitbart answering questions from the media.

“Everything that I’ve said so far has come to be true. I’d like to hear one… The media says “Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies.” Give me one example of a provable lie. One. One. ONE. Journalists, One! Put your reputation on the line here. One provable lie. Do you know what I’d be accused of if I released this photo. I’m doing this to save his family, OK? And if this guy wants to start fighting with me again, I have this photo. But, I’m not doing this for nefarious purposes. I’d like an apology from him for allowing for his political protectors. This was his strategy was to blame me. To blame me for hacking. Oh, don’t worry Breitbart’s our regular whipping boy. We can accuse him of anything and the press will not hold those journalists to account no matter what they say. And, so I’m here for some vindication.“


Right after that Anthony Weiner went to the podium and admitted to taking and sending the photos to a number of women over the past several years – including since he got married.

“I am deeply regretting what I have done and I am not resigning.”


Then Weiner admits to X-Rated Photo held by Andrew Breitbart


Nancy Pelosi calls for Anthony Weiner ethics inquiry


Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Steve Israel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, have called for an investigation into Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) over the series of sexually explicit conversations and lewd photos he exchanged with a half-dozen women during the last several years.

“I am deeply disappointed and saddened about this situation; for Anthony’s wife, Huma, his family, his staff and his constituents,” Pelosi said in a statement released on Monday night. “I am calling for an Ethics Committee investigation to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred.”


FOX News last night reported that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) likely broke ethics rules.

One of the young women he was calling said he used his office phone all the time.


Wild Thing's comment........

This is all so disgusting. I just don't understand this sex texting stuff at all.

He was or still is planning on running for Gov. of New York.

Kennedy got away with murder, so we will see what happens with this guy. Like they said on Fox he used the phone in his office and that would be something that might be enough that Pelosi etc. would have to tell him to step down.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 7, 2011 04:47 AM


So San Fran Nan, is calling for an inquiry.

That will definitely put the fear of God in that little scumbag.

After all one only has to look at the effectiveness of the Rangel and Waters inquiries, to see how well they work.

By the time they get to that point, if they ever do, this will be old news and all the asses of those involved will have been covered. Don't ever forget, that there are large number of Congressmen, especially on the left, who were at one time Defense Attorneys.

Posted by: Sean at June 7, 2011 11:13 AM

If there is an investigation or some panel that will shut off every bit of news about it. After Rangle got investigated we heard nothing same with Maxine waters nothing. That's a hiding tool.

Posted by: Mark at June 7, 2011 06:05 PM

"Nancy Pelosi calls for Anthony Weiner ethics inquiry" -HA! Sean and Mark are right-the "ethics investigation" will be no more than a smoke screen. And recent surveys indicate that Rep. Weiner could be elected Mayor of NYC in spite of it all. The libs admire this kind of "macho" leader. Weiner is a "real man" in the minds of degenerate lefties. Even if he has to leave Congress he could land a more lucrative position at CNN or MSNBC ala Elliot Spitzer. As Ann Coulter wrote, the Weinergate matter will be settled in "small claims" court. (sorry,but that was too good to pass up)

Posted by: willy at June 7, 2011 08:04 PM

...and I almost forgot- "One of the young women he was calling said he used his office phone all the time." Ever heard of caller ID Rep Weiner ? So in addition to being a pervert , Weiner is either stupid, arrogant, or both...

Posted by: willy at June 7, 2011 08:09 PM

Great input thank you.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 8, 2011 03:19 AM