Theodore's World: Money to Burn; Obama’s EPA Pays to Upgrade Mexican Trucks So They Can Enter US

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April 15, 2011

Money to Burn; Obama’s EPA Pays to Upgrade Mexican Trucks So They Can Enter US

Money to burn; Obama’s EPA pays to upgrade Mexican trucks so they can enter US

The day the government passed the Stopgap bill to avert a government shutdown, we learned the U.S was giving $20 million to Pakistan to help them start Sesame Street. Now, since we have all this extra money, team Obama has decided to pay $1,600 per truck to replace the old mufflers with new catalytic converters, reducing harmful diesel emissions by up to 30%…. “Free trade” isn’t so “free” after all.

The fact that Obama’s EPA is punishing US industry with a slew of new business-killing regulations is one thing… The fact that Obama’s EPA is paying the Lung Association to defeat Republicans is something else — but, this takes the cake… Obama’s EPA is upgrading Mexican trucks so they can travel and do business in the US.

Corruption Chronicled

In the latest effort to accommodate its cherished trade partner in the south, the U.S. government is paying to upgrade outdated Mexican trucks that hemorrhage illegal amounts of exhaust on their trips north to deliver merchandise.

The Mexican trucks enter the U.S. under a 17-year-old international trade pact known as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and they’ve created an air pollution crisis. The air quality in border towns has been especially impacted by the exorbitant levels of exhaust released by the Mexican trucks, which also fail to meet American safety standards.

Since the Mexican truckers have no intention of fixing the problem, Uncle Sam has stepped in to save the environment. U.S. taxpayers have picked up the cost to replace old mufflers on dozens of trucks and many more are scheduled to be upgraded by the middle of this year. The unbelievable story was reported this week by an Arizona newspaper that says replacing the old mufflers with new catalytic converters will reduce harmful diesel emissions by up to 30%.

This radical government agency is doing all it can to destroy US business, but they’re helping Mexican truckers? Something is terribly wrong with this administration.

Wild Thing's comment.......

Outrageous!!! It is way past time to defund EPA

Our backs are breaking under taxes and spending and to read this makes me livid!

And STOP THE SPENDING. How loud must we shout it?

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at April 15, 2011 05:45 AM


Insane. Worse than the silly, costly "Cash for Clunkers" progra.

I have pretty much sided with Ross Perot on the NAFTA treaty. That large sucking sound is American jobs going overseas.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at April 15, 2011 01:19 PM

The Unions are nothing but a bunch of money grabbing thugs. The membership gets nothing in return. They are brainwashed into thinking they are really getting something but in the end they will not only lose their freedom but also their jobs. And these stupid bastards don't even see it.

Posted by: Mark at April 15, 2011 04:23 PM

Obama's cocaine connection must need trucks. What Progressive in his right mind would pick this time to piss off the teamsters union?
Some times Obama does things that make me glad that there are complicated procedures in place that keep him from firing nuclear weapons on his own.

Posted by: Avitar at April 16, 2011 11:18 PM