Theodore's World: Kool-Aid Now Being Served On Your Dime by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

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April 27, 2011

Kool-Aid Now Being Served On Your Dime by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Kool-Aid Now Being Served On Your Dime

by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

If you wanted to destroy America without brute force, how would you do it?

You would destroy it from inside out with help from ‘outsiders’.

You would promise to transform the nation into something undefined.

You would grow government into a more intrusive monster which specializes in wealth redistribution to weaken the self-sufficient and grow the government-dependent.

You would appoint others of your perverted ideology to take charge of important agencies, circumventing Congressional oversight and appropriate funds to those appointees to accomplish your goals.

You would ignore and/or misinterpret constitutional law to help undermine the values embodied in the U.S. Constitution and solidify that position by appointing justices who would help you accomplish those goals, including disregard for immigration law and border protection, there-by creating a dilution of natural-born American citizens with a new class of government dependents who are clueless regarding what it means to be an American but who would reward you with their votes.

You would dilute the Judeo-Christian population with other groups who show no tolerance for others in the name of political correctness. They would help you to sow the seeds of destruction of American culture and law.

You would spread our military over the globe at huge expense while weakening the defense of our national borders.

You would borrow from other nations until a financial calamity occurs which deals the final blow to the sovereignty of America.

Meet Barry Soetoro—a man who at great personal cost hides his identity and his background in sharp contrast to all prior presidents. What is he hiding and WHY? Meet the complicit American news media---organizations which unlike their British comrades look the other way when legitimate questions concerning Mr. Soetoro’s identity are raised. Why do they do this? Is it naiveté? Is it fear? Is it ideology? Meet Congress----a governing body which is being intimidated by the press should its members raise legitimate issues regarding the identity and qualifications of Barry Soetoro. Shame on them who fear the lamestreet media’s labels of ‘extremists’ and ‘radicals’ for those who ask valid questions and raise challenges to the legitimacy of Mr. Soetoro whose only proved qualifications are those of one who wishes to transform America into a nightmare.

Patriots have four options: do nothing and let America collapse at the hands of revolutionaries such as Mr. Soetoro and those who placed him where he is; to investigate, impeach and prosecute him and his appointees for high crimes and acts of sedition; replace him in 2012;or,as a final resort take our nation back through force. America is being destroyed---are you going to let that happen?


Wild Thing's comment.......

Well done article by Dr. Bates.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
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Posted by Wild Thing at April 27, 2011 04:47 AM


We all knew up front what this turd was about from the get go. However, there were 50 Million who didn't believe him and voted with their best interest in mind, meaning they'd get something for nothing. Now they are seeing that nothing is free. Especially freedom.

Obama's job is defined by the Constitution, it is not defined as he is practicing it. His job is captain of the ship, not to destroy the countries wealth. If the Congress had any sense of responsibility they would see through this charade, and impeach this imposter, like yesterday.

Posted by: Mark at April 27, 2011 07:08 AM

excellent and well said ! thanks for posting this !

Posted by: latitude38 at April 29, 2011 04:42 AM