Theodore's World: DEMOCRAT Jim Moran to Veteran: Sit Down or Leave

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April 09, 2011

DEMOCRAT Jim Moran to Veteran: Sit Down or Leave

At a town hall meeting the other day, a man who identified himself as a 27-year veteran takes exception to Democrat Rep. Jim Moran’s characterization of his question as “caustic.” Moran angrily responded, “I’m sure you do” and then proceeded to order the 27-year veteran to “sit down” or “leave.”

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) held a town hall meeting on April 7 about the possibility of a government shutdown. During the event, a veteran stood up and questioned him why he isn’t in Congress right now working out a deal so the troops can get funding. Moran began answering the mans questioned then got testy and told him to sit down or leave.

Moran has a history of anger issues. For example, in 2000 Moran stooped as low to accuse an 8-year boy, who was a straight-A student, of trying to steal his car. During the incident, Moran began choking and cursing at him. He later said the boy claimed he had a gun on him. He didn’t. The child also told the police he was just admiring his car.


Wild Thing's comment......

People should have started standing up in turn and asking the asshole the question: “Why don’t you answer his question?”. It would have sent him into total meltdown.

And don’t forget the beating-his-wife-on-the-front-lawn incident. How this Moron keeps getting elected I’ve never understood.

Posted by Wild Thing at April 9, 2011 07:48 AM