Theodore's World: FAA Sets Up No-fly Zone for Obama's Planned Trip to Williamsburg

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April 08, 2011

FAA Sets Up No-fly Zone for Obama's Planned Trip to Williamsburg

With the government shutdown looming… Obama plans his weekend getaway.

Daily Press

The leader of the free world may be coming to Williamsburg for some rest and relaxation if Congress is able to come to agreement on the budget. President Obama and the First Family are planning to visit the area this weekend in what the White House described Wednesday as a “long-planned family trip to Colonial Williamsburg.”

But the trip might get grounded if a government shutdown can’t be averted by Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

On Thursday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration established a no-fly zone over Williamsburg that will be in place from Friday through Monday. Jessica Wharton, spokeswoman for the Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport, said the no-fly zone will not affect the arrival and departure times at the airport for this weekend.

Wild Thing's comment......

"no-fly zone for Obama’s planned trip to Williamsburg "

So, does that mean they’re gonna bombard Williamsburg with ‘humanitarian Tomahawks’, and bomb and strafe random civilians, like they did with their most recent ‘no fly zone’???

Williamsburg is a historical place to visit too bad obama hates America and anything he does there if he does go will only be for a photo op.

When I stayed there I rode a rented bicycle around Williamsburg and also took some of the tours they had. It was so interesting the history and what it meant to our country.

I keep seeing how obama drops bombshells and then leaves town, or how he does something major to tick us all of and then once again leaves town. He could care less how upset people are at what he does. His hate for our country is with every breath he takes. How many vacations has this illegal alien gone on at our expense?

Posted by Wild Thing at April 8, 2011 05:40 AM


Dr. Zhicago's RED COAT tour? Is William & Mary U
liberal enough for his two little comrades to attend?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at April 8, 2011 01:27 PM

I love the way you use the small o in obama. Thank you for that. Love your site, keep up the great work. And especially thank you for the tribute to the Viet Nam Vets.

Posted by: Ivor at April 8, 2011 01:45 PM

Darth, LOL good one.

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 9, 2011 05:26 AM

Ivor, nice to meet you. Thank you so much for your service to our country. WELCOME Home!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 9, 2011 05:29 AM