Theodore's World: Wisconsin Law Now In Effect; Soetoro Violates His Oath; Republican Leadership Forgets Mandate Of We The People

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March 27, 2011

Wisconsin Law Now In Effect; Soetoro Violates His Oath; Republican Leadership Forgets Mandate Of We The People

Wisconsin Law Now In Effect; Soetoro Violates His Oath; Republican Leadership Forgets Mandate Of We The People

by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Last week a Wisconsin judge ordered a temporary restraining order blocking publication of the law recently passed by a majority of the Wisconsin legislature and signed by Governor Walker. The judge bowed to the 14 AWOL Democrats who fled the state to hide out in Illinois in hopes of averting the will of the majority to balance the budget deficit created by the preceding Democrat Administration.

Friday the law was published as required within ten days after the Governor signs any new law. The Court and the Union thugs will claim foul as the law goes into effect Saturday. No matter the fireworks from Union thugs, their hired peon demonstrators and the judge, the law will undoubtedly pass again after proper 24 hour notice of session should that be the court’s decision.

It remains to be seen whether the 14 AWOL Democrats will resort to their immature leftwing stunt to prevent another vote---and it really does not matter since the law will go into effect since the elected majority rules. Unions need to get with the program before their workers are replaced with qualified workers who are nonunion and dues money bound for socialist candidates in 2012 evaporates!

United States ‘President’ Barry Hussein Soetoro is being accused by his own Party members of violating the Constitution by committing our military to a conflict without the authorization of Congress as required by law. Even Dennis Kucinich (D) and other Democrats claim it is an impeachable offense.

How peculiar they latch on to this violation after ignoring Soetoro’s other impeachable if not treasonous offenses which include: forcing Obamacare through Congress with bribery against the wishes of the majority of American people without allowing members of Congress time to read the 2700 pages of Leftist crappola which degrades our healthcare to third world status and hastens national bankruptcy; Soetoro and his Democrat Party willfully hiding his birth origin in violation of Constitutional requirements; suing states for trying to secure their borders and enforce Federal immigration law which the administration is intentionally not enforcing; committing 2 billion dollars we do not have to offshore drilling in Brazil while blocking development of nuclear and fossil fuel resources at home.

Finally, the Republican leadership talks a good line but when the rubber meets the road their promise to cut the Federal budget and freeze the debt ceiling appear to be empty rhetoric---key promises upon which Republicans gained a House majority. Speaker Boehner had better organize his troops around the common sense of the Tea Party or risk losing their seats in 2012.

Survival of this nation is at stake and no rational patriot is going to allow these career politicians to continue their unaccountable and wasteful spending to satisfy Fedzilla’s addiction.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Our side has got to be strong, stronger then they may realize and any kind of weakness will cost our country big time. This is a good article by Bates.

I like Boehner a lot and I think as Speaker of the House he could be so awesome... could be is the key and sometimes he really is, I just want him to be consistent, I do wish he would see this is the one huge chance to get our country back from the communists, marxists progressives and there can be nothing less or it will be gone. Not only Boehner but all of our elected people on our side of the isle.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at March 27, 2011 07:45 AM