Theodore's World: Obama's State Dept Now Tweeting in Arabic

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February 10, 2011

Obama's State Dept Now Tweeting in Arabic

The Blaze

From the U.S. Department of State‘s Arabic Media Hub comes news that America’s top diplomatic agency will be sharing America’s foreign policy goals with the Arab world in their native language. The move comes as DOS hopes to widen its audience amid growing unrest in the Middle East and growing favor for social media outlets such as Twitter.

Tweeting under the account “USAbilAraby,“ which means ”USA in Arabic,” the State Department’s first entry announced that Washington recognizes the “historic role” of social media in the Arab world. “We want to be in your conversation,” it said.

Subsequent posts have reiterated the Obama administration’s stance that only Egyptians can decide their future and announced a phone conversation between Vice President Joe Biden and his Egyptian counterpart, Omar Suleiman.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Obama's administrations way to communicate with the Arab world while simultaenously alienating your own citizens.

Hello obama, Islam wants to see all Infidels wiped off the face of the earth, Tweeting them happy little slogans and propaganda isn’t going to change thier minds.

Lt. Colonel Allen West would not have this happen on his watch.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 10, 2011 05:45 AM