Theodore's World: Oath of Office Has Been Violated by Wisconsin Democrats and Organizing Against The Taxpayers Who Pay Them!!

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February 18, 2011

Oath of Office Has Been Violated by Wisconsin Democrats and Organizing Against The Taxpayers Who Pay Them!!

Graphic poster above created by Liz Blaine and she has a blog. I recommend it. She is a conservative blogger.


Rhetoric vs. Reality: Liberal Protest of Gov. Walker's Budget Repair Plan

Police officers are looking for Democratic Wisconsin lawmakers who were ordered to attend a vote on a bill that would strip public employees of collective bargaining rights.

No Democrats showed up for Thursday’s Senate session, meaning a vote cannot be taken. Republicans need one Democratic senator to be present. Calls to Democratic leaders were not immediately returned.

Republicans are pushing the anti-union bill proposed by GOP Gov. Scott Walker. Thousands of people clogged the halls of the Statehouse for a third straight day in opposition.

Rent-a-mobs were fully activated and marched on Gov. Walker’s home.

The illegally striking teachers have succeeded in shutting down schools in Madison, Wisc. and seven other districts for a second consecutive day.

Madison public schools are closed again Thursday because too many teachers are taking the day off to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to limit union bargaining.

Several other school districts in the area have also canceled classes Thursday.

It’s the second consecutive day the Madison Metropolitan School District has canceled classes “due to substantial concerns about staff absences.”

The district said it has received reports Wednesday evening that there will again be significant staff absences in the district on Thursday in protest of the governor’s proposed changes in labor law.

Superintendent Dan Nerad said teachers who are taking a sick day will be asked to show proof of a medical reason.

Obama and the DNC playing role in Wisconsin protests

The Politico


Washington Post

The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America arm – the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign — is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.

Obama voices strong support for Wisconsin public employees: With the standoff continuing to rage over Governor Scott Walker's push to strip public employees of bargaining rights, Obama has now waded into the debate, denouncing Walker's proposal as an "assault on unions."

In an interview with local WTMJ-TV which is now up online, Obama said we all need to "make some adjustments to new fiscal realities," but insisted it's important not to "vilify" public employees and described them as "our neighbors, our friends":

"Some of what I've heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions. And I think it's very important for us to understand that public employees, they're our neighbors, they're our friends. These are folks who are teachers and they're firefighters and they're social workers and they're police officers.

"They make a lot of sacrifices and make a big contribution. And I think it's important not to vilify them or to suggest that somehow all these budget problems are due to public employees."

Tea Party Activist Confronts Wisconsin Democrats As They Flee Resort in Illinois

"You were supposed to be on the House floor to allow them to have a vote" Dem: "I'm not sure that's my job"...Tea Party: "Why did you flee the state sir?"


Wild Thing's comment........

The GOP needs to call obama out for this as we now have a president helping his party not do their job and create havoc plus thuggery.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 18, 2011 02:48 AM


In the ancient Roman army any unit that fled the field of battle as cowards was subject to decimation: every 10th man was executed to teach the army a lesson. Too bad we can't take these democowards out and pick a few and fire them to show the cost of running away from their elected office. What a circus!

Posted by: petesuj at February 18, 2011 08:44 AM

Some school teachers need to be disciplined. They are proving to be horrible examples to students.

Posted by: TomR at February 18, 2011 11:32 AM

The sad thing is there are people who are supporting what these poor excuses for legislatures are doing.

Posted by: BobF at February 18, 2011 12:39 PM

The DemoRATS are and eat CHEESEheads?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at February 18, 2011 03:42 PM

Great input thank you all so much.

I agree too about the people supporting these people for doing this.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 19, 2011 12:36 AM

Too bad Gov. Walker can't have the missing state senators declared dead after a week or so.

Posted by: Avitar at February 19, 2011 02:23 AM