Theodore's World: Sheriff Paul Babeu on Napolitano's Afghan Trip: "It's Outrageous!"

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January 04, 2011

Sheriff Paul Babeu on Napolitano's Afghan Trip: "It's Outrageous!"

Arizona Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu slammed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for visiting Afghanistan to lecture them about border security while the US border with Mexico is compromised and not secure.

“It’s outrageous… Napolitano, who’s charged with the security of our country. Who’s over in foreign countries now. She’s the Homeland Security Secretary. She’s not the Secretary of State. She of anybody should be sounding the alarm and talking about security threats and she’s the one carrying out the “political speak” of the president saying this border is more secure than ever before. Meanwhile the threat that we face in Arizona and literally for our nation’s security I believe is a far greater national security threat to our nation’s security than Iraq, than Afghanistan, than any of these other places.”

Sheriff Babeu, who has received death threats from the Mexican cartel, was outraged by Napolitano’s trip to Afghanistan. Babeu also spoke about the people from “countries of interest like Yemen, Somalia and Jordan” that they are capturing entering the US illegally.


Napolitano Visit Aimed at Beefing Up Afghan Border Security, Customs

FOX News

KABUL, Afghanistan -- During an unannounced New Year's Eve visit to Afghanistan, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano traveled to the country's mountainous border region near Pakistan to see first-hand her department's efforts in the war effort there.

"Seeing is worth a thousand words," Napolitano said after the tour, to which Fox News was granted exclusive access. "This all involves safety and security in this part of the world. And that is something that has direct connection as well to the United States."

She described her department's role in war-torn Afghanistan as a "complement" to the military operations there.

Her agency has about two dozen officials in Afghanistan, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, Customs and Border Protection officers, and Border Patrol agents. Many are training Afghan security forces to manage their country's borders.

Wild Thing's comment........

How about SECURING AMERICA’S BORDERS??????!!!!!!

I know these SURPRISE visits to the war zone by politicians was begun by President Bush but I really wish they’d knock it off. Using America’s military men and women as political photo op props really disgusts me.

Before you know it, Napolitano will have the Afghan border as secure as the US/Mexico border, which is the most secure it’s ever been.

Posted by Wild Thing at January 4, 2011 05:55 AM


A mountainous border like Afghanistan is virtually physically impossible to secure but a flat one like ours with Mexico would be retentively easy. Thing is, our government under both Bush and Obama don't want to secure the border.

Posted by: BobF at January 4, 2011 10:07 AM

Maybe with a little luck her airplane will develop a mechanical problem and crash into a mountain.

Posted by: Eddie (Enemy of the State) at January 4, 2011 10:26 AM

I wish we had a congress full of Sheriff Babeu types. Our border has never been closed as it should be. Our last four presidents have completely dropped the ball on border security even as a massive wave of migration of foreign criminals have crossed the borders. Bush was totally surprised to discover that most Americans wanted the border sealed. America is in great danger of terrorist attacks from illegal aliens and we have a giant new bureaucracy, Dept. of Homeland Security, gropping grandma. Sheeeyit!!

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at January 4, 2011 10:51 AM

The Headline I read said, 'Napolotano to secure the border...In Afghanistan' The natural reaction is WTF, what about out border, we are being invaded and nobody gives a rats ass about it let alone do anything about it.

Posted by: Mark at January 4, 2011 11:59 AM

Babeushka Wild Thing, the Soviet Red Army got waxed in Afghanistan and when will we learn our lesson? That demographic mountainous cat litter box is a lose-lose deal of reality!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at January 4, 2011 12:56 PM

Good point darth and they didn't have the restrictive ROE's that have been forced upon our troops

Posted by: BobF at January 4, 2011 03:02 PM

Thank you everyone so much.

Darth, so true, we need to remember that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 5, 2011 02:23 AM