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January 18, 2011

Mark Levin's $100,000 Challenge to Chris Matthews

Mark Levin's $100,000 Challenge to Chris Matthews

The American Spectator

Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin has put out a stunning challenge to those left-wing media personalities accusing conservative talk radio stars and Sarah Palin of encouraging murder.

First, he offered $100,000 to Chris Matthews to find any example where Sarah Palin or Levin himself had "promoted the murder of anybody."

The direct challenge to Matthews took place shortly after Levin had played clips of Matthews suggesting Levin's passionate radio shows were "angry" and apparently implying that Levin's shows and those of talker Michael Savage had some responsibility for the Tucson murders.

The allegation came on the heels of a specific allegation by left-wing Pima County Sheriff insisting Rush Limbaugh was at fault, while MSNBC's Keith Olbermann demanded Palin "repudiate her own part in amplifying violence and violent imagery in politics."

Said Levin, who is also a considerable lawyer in his role as head of the landmark Legal Foundation:

"I challenge Chris Matthews, I'll put $100,000 on the table, to find any example where Sarah Palin has promoted the murder of anybody," said Levin -- specifically excluding terrorists and the Taliban.

Levin went on: "A hundred thousand on the table if Chris Matthews can find anywhere Mark Levin has urged the murder of people who have different political viewpoints. That's the murder of politicians …where I said go out there and kill X,Y,Z…go out there and kill A,B,C. I challenge him right now. Sarah Palin. Me. Go ahead."

Levin, of course, is also a former Justice Department official, which gave his second challenge a crisp note: He's waiting for a very specific allegation "because I'm going to sue." In federal court.

Levin's challenge to Matthews and other left-wing media types comes on the heels of increasingly desperate attempts by the left-wing media to pin the Tucson violence by the mentally disturbed Jared Loughner on conservative talk radio stars. A friend of Loughner's has gone on television to specifically say Loughner didn't listen to "political radio" or watch television news.

"Somebody has to stand up," said an indignant Levin on his show.

HERE is the AUDIO from his show....just CLICK HERE


Wild Thing's comment.......

Levin is great!!! I would not want to go up against him in Chris Matthews and his ilk will not either.

Posted by Wild Thing at January 18, 2011 04:47 AM


Matthews is not used to being called out or challenged on his statements. My guess is that he will basically lay low to this challenge. It reminds me of Breitbarts $100,000 challenge to the Congressional Black Caucus to show any video of Tea Partiers calling them "n-----rs". The CBC became very quiet after that challenge.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at January 18, 2011 10:00 AM

Remember that both Chris Matthews and Nancy Pelosi are, quote, "Practicing Roman Catholics!"
The reason I say this is that I USED to be one too. Matthews thinks he is another JFK reincarnated...

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at January 18, 2011 12:23 PM

Here is a link to VDH Op-Ed for 1-16-11 due to
copyright I didn't post the whole Op-Ed. Very

Victor Davis Hanson: How are we to understand the accusation against Sarah Palin for inciting Tucson murders? "Rhetoric and Perceived Status

Posted by: gator at January 18, 2011 01:30 PM

They have nothing to offer, except blame someone they hope to destroy, try to destroy and blame us 'bitter clingers'. Trouble is nobody is buying this. If the MSM keeps it up they too will need a government loan to stay in business, this political gamesmanship will drive hesitant listeners to Fox.

As far as Pelosi and Matthews being Catholics, just sort runs parallel with the Jim and Tammy Bakers and Jimmy Swaggerts, there are phonies in every religion. I knew a couple of Padres who were Catholic and Protestants and put their lives on the line for their troops but to demean one religion because of a few is cheap.

Posted by: Mark at January 18, 2011 02:08 PM

LOVE your input about Levin and Matthews.
Thank you so much.

Gator thank you for the link. Hanson is always excellent.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 19, 2011 12:17 AM