Theodore's World: Rush Responds To Job Killer Obama's Drilling Ban In the Gulf

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December 02, 2010

Rush Responds To Job Killer Obama's Drilling Ban In the Gulf

Rush Responds To Drilling Ban In the Gulf: "It's Not Because He Cares About Safety or the Environment, He Hates Oil"

RUSH: This is an outrage, no new drilling in the Gulf while everybody else is drilling everywhere else in the Gulf, we can't?...It's not because he cares about safety, he hates oil. He hates the traditional ways we produce energy in this country, there's no other way to look at this"

He's not gonna triangulate, he's gonna strangulate

Wild Thing's comment........

What Soros and gang want, Soros and gang get from Barack "the sock puppet" Obama. This is the most corrupt government in the history of mankind.

The secret service would knock down my door in about 2 minutes if I wrote what I’m thinking.

Winning an election doesn’t give this pig the right to destroy this country!

Barak Obama is the Enemy of the United States and should be tried for treason!

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Posted by: Wild Thing at December 9, 2010 07:32 AM