Theodore's World: Rep. Steve King: Congress Will Investigate Reparations Pigford, Acorn

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December 31, 2010

Rep. Steve King: Congress Will Investigate Reparations Pigford, Acorn

Conservative Rep. Steve King of Iowa told local radio station KCIM that the Pigford settlement, which was part of the legislation, “is full of fraud” and “amounts to paying reparations to black farmers in America. We don’t do reparations in America.”

King also spoke about corruption of the current regime in Washington and the activity planned by Congress in 2011.

On Obamacare- Rep King says it’s got to be pulled out by the roots.

“First, I already introduced an amendment to repeal it. We’re going to elect a large freshman class. You’ll find that a lot of democrat representatives will lose their seat because of it. The first bill coming out of the new Congress will be HR 1 to repeal Obamacare. We will send this to the president’s desk where he will veto it. Then we will put language in each and every bill to halt payment for Obamacare. Then in 2012 we can elect a new president who will repeal Obamacare. We must elect a president in 2012 who will repeal Obamacare.”

Will there be any investigation into the dishonest accounting practices used by democrats that helped them ram their bill through Congress?

There will be several investigations. With Obamacare, they did some things to jigger the numbers. They put it off until 2014 to help pay for it. There’s also a $500 billion cut to Medicare. Every one today admits that it’s a Trillion dollar bill. The cost to our freedom in America will be far greater than the cost in money.

Question: Can you talk about any of the investigations?

“ACORN will be investigated. This group admitted to producing over 400,000 false voter registrations… If we lose democratic elections in America we lose our country. We need to go ahead and investigate ACORN. We need to defund them but we should go ahead and investigate them.”

Any other investigations?

“I would also like to investigate the Pigford Farms legislation. I believe almost all of the legitimate claims have been compensated. More than 92,000 blacks have signed up for reparations from the Obama USDA after the Pigford case was extended this past year. That’s five times the number of blacks who were actually farming during the time period in question and would possibly qualify for the reparations.”

Wild Thing's comment........

Rep. King has the "Cojones" that the Country is in dire need of....he has held steadfast all along....BRAVO !
Can't wait until the new members of Congress, like Lt. Col. Allen West , Marco Rubio and others take their oath and get down to business.

When people are receiving payments for farming they did not do, if they are compensated for loans they did not seek, if they are compensated for loans they were never qualified for in the first place, then its fraud.

One can tell he has given much thought to all of these various things that need to be fixed, investigated or stopped.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 31, 2010 03:45 AM


I am glad that repeal of obamacare will be the new congress's #1 priority. That bill really is a monstrous growth of governmental power over many, many aspects of our private lives. Rep. Steve King is a very stalwart man. I hope the new conservatives elected to Congress are just as strong willed.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at December 31, 2010 11:21 AM

Tom, I hope so too. There are several like him and if they stick together to support each other it will help too. The enemy within is so determined it is scary.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 1, 2011 03:27 AM

I used to have some faith in my congressman, John Campbell -CA - (R) but after making several calls and e-mails with absolutely no response, I have dispatched him to my disposal as I have 75% of the Repubik-kan potty.

Posted by: Eddie (Enemy of the State) at January 1, 2011 08:33 AM