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October 16, 2010

Update On LTC Terry Lakin

LTC Lakin's Appeal Denied
Source :

U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals .......Clerk of the Court ...pdf

BUT check this out below........ GOOD news below..... ~ Wild Thing


The American Patriot Foundation is pleased to announce that LTC Lakin has repositioned his forces, has retained new legal counsel, and is extremely grateful that the Foundation will be dedicating the critical next few weeks before his planned court-martial on November 3-5, to focusing entirely on public affairs, strategic communications/messaging and coalition-building and that their support will continue seamlessly as the new attorney prepares for trial.

LTC Lakin is consistent in continuing on the same path that he announced publicly six months ago when he released his first YouTube video-- and consistent with his military training, to continue to request assurance from Pentagon leadership that his military orders, including his deployment orders to Afghanistan, are legal-- authorized at the highest level by a Commander-in-Chief who is Constitutionally eligible, per Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. As a medical officer and not a lawyer or Constitutional scholar, LTC Lakin is not laying claim to be the sole arbiter of the President's Constitutionality in attempting to determine, without any genuine evidence to make such a determination, the President's "natural born" citizen status. The burden of proof rests solely on Barack Obama to demonstrate to the American people and to the U.S. Armed Forces that he commands, that he is lawfully serving in his current capacity as head of the Executive Branch of the federal government.

The Army prosecutors have made this determination of the Commander-in-Chief's eligibility under the Constitution impossible-- by denying discovery- and essentially denying LTC Lakin the customary due process rights that defendants in American courts enjoy when facing criminal charges, and in LTC Lakin's case, a jail sentence of several years at Fort Leavenworth prison.

Above is a page that is part of a granted brief (21st of September) in the 3rd District Court of Virginia. The Amicus Brief was file by Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

More of this brief can be found HERE.


Army officer's supporters warn of 'greatest fraud ever'


October 9

An organization that says it linked an Army doctor challenging Barack Obama's eligibility with a new legal defense team contends the unveiling of the president's birth certificate would prove one of two things: he was a dual citizen or there has been "the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people."

Leaders of the United States Patriots Union have told WND the officer's arguments need to go beyond the quest for the president's original birth certificate because that would reveal only some of the evidence needed.

"A birth certificate would only prove one of two things – 1) Barack Hussein Obama (Sr) is his bloodline birth father and Barack Jr. was thereby a 'dual citizen' rather than natural born citizen at birth. In this case, Obama fails constitutional requirements," a statement prepared by the organization said.

Or, in the second case, "Barack Hussein Obama (Sr) is NOT his stated birth father on the birth records, in which case Obama has committed the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people."

"A birth certificate cannot solve Barack Hussein Obama's problem, unless and until an unconstitutional precedent can be set in court that 'natural-born' – 'native-born' and 'naturalized' are all one in the same. We know that they are not the same things, and why the Founders limited eligibility for the office of president to only 'natural-born' citizens. Anything less creates a very real national security crisis," the organization stated.

The statement was provided to WND by spokesman J.B. Williams, who explained the union and Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely helped introduce Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin to a new attorney, Lt. Col. Neal Puckett.

Vallely, a noted military leader who now is a presence on the Internet with his Stand Up For America and Veteran Defenders, has told WND he thinks Obama should resign.

"We can wait no longer for a traditional change of power and new government," he warned during an earlier interview. "We now must call for the immediate resignation of Barry Soetoro (aka President Barack Hussein Obama) … based on incompetence, deceit, fraud, corruption, dishonesty and violation of the U.S. oath of office and the Constitution."

He reported the union also is putting together an "A Team" of expert legal counselors to support Puckett and Lakin.

Exactly what strategic changes, if any, will be made in Lakin's case are yet to be revealed. Lakin's position has been to maintain that there are enough legitimate questions about Obama's eligibility to support his conclusion that orders under Obama's chain of command could be illegal and he would, therefore, be required to disobey them.


Puckett and Faraj discuss their combined 50 years of military and legal experience


Attorney and Counselor at Law
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Ret)

Neal A. Puckett is a nationally renowned military criminal defense attorney practicing from Alexandria, Virginia. He has represented military service members in Afghanistan, England, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Japan, Kuwait, Spain and throughout the United States.

He defended Army LTC Allen West against charges of detainee abuse in Iraq in 2003, and in 2004 represented former Army BG Janis Karpinski in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal in 2004. LTC Allen West is currently a candidate for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District.

In 2008, he represented CPT Roger Hill, who was accused of war crimes after staging a mock execution to convince Taliban spies working inside his camp to confess to avoid violating an arbitrary NATO limitation on holding detainees and to prevent their release by the Afghan Army.

CPT Hill’s story was featured on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. Currently he represents SO2 Matthew McCabe, a Navy SEAL accused of abusing an Iraqi detainee responsible for the slaughter and mutilation of four American contractors in Fallujah, Iraq, in 1994.

His firm still represents Marine SSgt Frank Wuterich, who faces court-martial for the deaths of Iraqi civilians following a fatal IED attack on his squad in Haditha, Iraq in 2005. They appeared together on CBS 60 Minutes, broadcast on three occasions in 2007, and won a prestigious Peabody Award for CBS and Scott Pelley. Mr. Puckett has appeared on all major cable and broadcast networks numerous times either on behalf of his clients or as an expert commentator on military law.

~ snipet ~

Mr. Puckett retired from the Marine Corps on April 1, 1997. He was twice awarded both the Meritorious Service and Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals. Immediately upon his retirement from the Marine Corps, he served a year as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Pensacola, Florida.

He has been an Adjunct Professor of Law at Creighton University School of Law, and has taught numerous trial advocacy courses, as well as college and graduate courses in political science, government, sociology, criminal justice and the legal process.

He is admitted to practice in the State of Indiana, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Eastern District of Virginia and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. He also currently chairs the Board of Governors of the Military Law Section, Virginia State Bar. Mr. Puckett is married to a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel and he has two grown children.


Wild Thing's comment........

Hallelujah! This man and a solid legal team will have the expertise to get to the heart and validity of this matter. God bless, protect them and grant them success, clarity and justice on this treacherous journey.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 16, 2010 02:47 AM


I'm glad he has a new legal team, those sorry JAG bastards are as useless as tits on a boar hog!!!
Our justice system is corrupt to the core and so is the SCOTUS, not one of those sons of bitches are loyal to the United States, banish them forever to their true allegiance, the United Nations, and rescind any and all US citizenship for them.

Posted by: Jack at October 16, 2010 03:49 PM

Jack, thank you so much for your input. I apppreciate it.

Great to see you. (((Hug))

Posted by: Wild Thing at October 17, 2010 12:15 AM