Theodore's World: Florida U.S. Senate Candidate Marco Rubio Does Great In Debate Last Night

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September 18, 2010

Florida U.S. Senate Candidate Marco Rubio Does Great In Debate Last Night

Last night there was a debate in Florida between the three U.S. Senate candidates. Marco Rubio took it to Charlie Crist by saying flat out that Crist “wakes up every morning” and tries to decide what he can say to take Democrat votes away from Democrat nominee Kendrick Meek – after Crist refused to drop out once it was clear he would lose to Rubio.

All three candidates stood their ground on their previously stated views on illegal immigration. Congressman Meek is completely for granting amnesty to illegals, against the AZ immigration law, and is in favor of the Dream Act.

Governor Crist also supports a path to citizenship and is also against the Arizona immigration law. Crist also supports the Dream Act as well the manner in which the Democrats are trying to cram it down the American People’s throats.

Rubio on the other hand, is completely against any form of Amnesty, is against the Dream Act, supports E-Verify and condemns Senate Leader Harry Reid for attaching it to a military appropriations bill just to help win an election. Rubio stated:

“It’s a cynical way to play politics with the lives of real people, Harry Reid and the Democrats have been in charge of the Senate for almost two years now,and they bring this up, in this manner in a defense bill, at the last second on the eve of an election because he wants to win an election in Nevada.”

But the real quote, and the pivotal moment of the debate, was when Rubio turned to Governor Crist and lambasted him for his flip-flopping and for being the consummate opportunist:

“ Governor, I’ve got to point something out and I hope, and I am going to say this in the most respectful way possible, but I want to be blunt– Everybody sees what you’re doing here- everbody gets it. For twenty years you’ve run as a Republican-running on the same things that you now criticize me for. Four months ago you were running against me as a Republican and saying the things you now criticize me for. You only changed parties and did this Independent thing when you couldn’t win a Republican primary and now you wake up everyday and try to figure out what you can say or do to take votes away from Congressman Meek so more Democrats will vote for you. But Everybody sees it for what it is-everybody gets it. So I think we owe voters more respect than that because what is happening in this country is that they’re taking us in the wrong direction and if we stay on this road we are on right now we are going to lose everything that makes America special and the last thing we need in Washington are more political opportunists that are gonna go up there and basically be for whatever helped them get re-elected. Re-election and winning an election should not be the purpose of your public service- it should be a by-product of good public service.

Miami ABC's political reporter Michael Putney declared Marco Rubio the winner of the debate.

Wild Thing's comment........

Marco is COOL! He won’t ever need a teleprompter.

Wow – Go Marco Rubio. The frankness with which Rubio confronted Crist is EXACTLY what we need in conservative leadership – genuinely respectful but bold and honest. It takes courage, confidence and character.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 18, 2010 07:45 AM


Crist is a man who's void of honor and integrity.

Posted by: BobF at September 18, 2010 09:31 AM

That's why I think Crist and Murkowski should be made honorary Gofers for the obama administration. after all they are obama republicans. Throw in Castle too.

The whole problem is Murkowski is telling her supporters to write her name in the ballot. If this were a tighter race we would not do so well as I think we will. If she takes too much it will give it to the democrats. That would suck

Posted by: Mark at September 18, 2010 07:07 PM

Rubio unplugged that was geat. Typical of the fire of a first generation American, with all his heart he loves this country and it shows, Crust is yesterdays used newspaper, good for a doggie spot and that about it. But this guy Marco Rubio is the real McCoy.

Posted by: Mark at September 18, 2010 09:22 PM

Bob, that is exzctly what Crist is, well said.

Mark, I love that......"Rubio unplugged". Good one.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 19, 2010 12:38 AM