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September 23, 2010

Diclose Act VOTE Is Today! Pro-Union bill, Card Check and Other Obama Destruction

Union-label Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has hatched a plan to ram the speech-killing "Disclose Act" through the Senate IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. This is an emergency, so if iyou can please call and/or email your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY and insist they vote for free speech and against the "Disclose Act" (S. 3628).

The fact is, Big Labor's cronies on Capitol Hill are just days away from ramming the "Disclose Act" down the throats of the American people. In fact, this dangerous bill has already passed the House.

Though the so-called "Disclose Act" is being sold by Big Labor as a bill to provide greater transparency, its real intent is to harass and intimidate those who might criticize members of Congress into silence during the midterm elections and beyond.

Big Labor doesn't want us, or anyone for that matter, to be able to inform the American people which candidates stand with them -- and which ones stand with the union elite.

But, of course, like all the other insider games here in Washington, there is a big loophole.

You see, Big Labor is exempted.

They'll still be free to spend their BILLION dollar forced-dues war chest in virtually any way they see fit in complete secrecy.

If passed, the so-called "Disclose Act" -- more properly referred to as the "Incumbent Protection Act" -- would:

* Impose sweeping new regulations on organizations like the National Right to Work Committee, to keep them quiet and cripple their effectiveness during election years;

* Force grassroots organizations to publicize and release the names of their top five contributors making them vulnerable to threats, intimidation or worse from political dissidents;

* Require organizations to expose the location of their top donor's home and workplace in the disclaimer at the end of every television ad.

The union bosses know they are running out of options to save their handpicked politicians before the November Elections. That's why they are going all out to silence you and me.

The fact is opposition from freedom-oriented groups like your National Right to Work Committee had the "Disclose Act" bottled up in the House of Representatives until the National Rifle Association cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi to exempt itself and a few large liberal groups. This is all the more reason you must stand up and make your voice heard in the Senate right away.

You can Call the SENATE SWITCHBOARD -- 202-224-3121


Wild Thing's comment.......

I know we are all getting really tired of having to fight tooth and nail for our basic freedoms. sheesh. Holding the elected officials to the fire each and every time.

We have been fussing and fretting and writing and praying and campaigning and blogging and...................I could go on and on. This Administration is constantly busy trying to change America (and, certainly not for the better).. We're constantly pushing back and trying very hard to show them how we feel.

This administration is doing everything possible to wear us down. They are wrong! WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE DON'T QUIT. LIVE FREE OR DIE!

God keep all of us safe and give us the strength and courage to defend our freedoms and our country.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 23, 2010 05:49 AM


Ratbastard Reid is trying to legislate his way back into the job.

Posted by: Mark at September 23, 2010 12:25 PM

Amen, WT.

Posted by: Jim at September 23, 2010 01:10 PM

Thank you Mark and Jim.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 24, 2010 01:09 AM