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September 07, 2010

America's Least Wanted, Most Hated President, Arrogant Obama Bashing and More Lies At Rally In Wisconsin

Obama as he spoke to a Labor Day crowd in Wisconsin yesterday. Obama trotted out his “car in the ditch” analogy, claiming he has worked hard to get the economic car out of the ditch while Republicans have stood by having a “slurpee.”

Who is it that has been sipping on a slurpee? Our “Vacationer-in-Chief” has been doing a pretty good job of enjoying himself while the economy remains mired with 9.6% unemployment – much worse than when he took office. Obama has played nearly 50 rounds of golf, taken multiple vacations this summer alone, and gone to Camp David 15 times in less than two years.


Obama Whines at Wisconsin Rally: “They Talk About Me Like a Dog”

Obama at the same rally in Wisconsin, where he whined about those who have opposed his massive spending and ObamaCare agenda. Obama said about his critics, “They talk about me like a dog.”

Playing the pity card in not becoming of a President of the United States.


Wild Thing's comment.........

Just keep it up Obama, the people will have a reply to you in the next election you America hating limp wristed, smelly, fly infested communist!

Posted by Wild Thing at September 7, 2010 04:55 AM


Poor little Barry. Maybe someone should tell him that it was a Democrat controlled Congress that drove that car in the ditch. Barry is spinning the wheels and driving it deeper in the ditch.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at September 7, 2010 10:30 AM


That's the only word to describe the theme of Obama's recent speeches and actions. His back is on the wall and he knows it.

His support has actually dwindled down to the Unions, Welfare Recipients and Avowed Socialists, for the most part, because, as before, they have the most to gain from his proposed programs.

When members of your own Party and staunch supporters like Chris Matthews start taking shots at you, then the party is almost over.

The average Joe,who voted for Hope and Change, is starting top realize that he was voting for, with Obama, is not what it appeared to be.

Posted by: Sean at September 7, 2010 10:59 AM

“They Talk About Me Like a Dog”

If only we could be "Stone Free" of Obama!

Posted by: Curmudgeon at September 7, 2010 03:24 PM

Wooof, wooof, woooof ,,, who let the dog out?

C'mere baracker time for your vet appointment to get you Neu...Oooops I guess Sarah Palin did that for us.

Posted by: Mark at September 7, 2010 05:24 PM

It was a union rally, (SEIU) what else would you expect from the maggot faggot O'vomit?

Posted by: Eddie (Enemy of the State) at September 7, 2010 05:32 PM

You ALL are so awesome, thank you for being here and your input.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 7, 2010 07:27 PM

Obama = whiney cry baby little bitch

This 61 year old Vietnam Marine challenges Barry Hussein Sotero Obama to a bare knuckles tune up. Come on, punk. Think you're man enough to take me? Pack an MRE, first.

Billy Ray in Cowtown, standing by.

Posted by: Billy Ray in Cowtown at September 7, 2010 11:20 PM

Cue: (nsfw language)...> Leave. Me. Alone!! ;O)

Posted by: jan at September 8, 2010 08:49 AM

A follow up thought about Obama's comment that "that talk about me like a dog", Jimi Hendrix style.

Jimi grew up quite poor, went through the military, was initially treated “like a dog” in the music business, and would have never gotten to where he did without his talent. When Chas Chandler of the Animals offered him a break, he made the most of it, and achieved success way beyond anyone’s expectations. Jimi did it, and he did it entirely on his own. His druggie death was tragic and unnecessary, but then again, there are countless such stories away from the spotlight. He blew it and paid the price – himself.

To quote a song lyric from the great guitar genius himself:

“I’m the one that’s gonna have to die when it’s time for me to die / So let me live my life / the way I want to…”

Contrast his life with Mr. Obama’s.

Posted by: Curmudgeon at September 9, 2010 02:48 PM