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July 19, 2010

Unions Holding Up Cash for the Troops

Unions Holding Up Cash for the Troops

( Bill will also nationalize our first responders, policemen, and firemen )


Last week the Washington Times had a story that should enrage every true American. The Democrat Congress is allowing Big Labor’s needs to come before the needs of our troops. The supplemental budget that Congress is considering is supposed to be about funding the troops and their efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Democrats are more interested in how many payoffs for Big Labor they can stuff into the thing then in funding the troops.

Like most supplementals, this bill began with a singular purpose: paying war expenses. It since has been larded with billions in wasteful projects and programs designed to attract the vote of the left-of-center members with no fondness for the military. Among the House-approved giveaways are a $10 billion bailout for big-spending local governments, loan guarantees worth $9 billion for purported renewable energy, $3 billion for black farmers and American Indians who sued the government and $1 billion for summertime “youth activities.”

There is also language to nationalize our first responders, policemen, and firemen.

This outrageous action would force all police and firefighter’s work rules under federal control and prevent all local governments from being able to make their own local rules and regulations for their own police and fire departments. This bill would essentially cause all state and local governments to have to deal with Washington-based union regulations when setting budgets, hiring and firing, and writing work rules for first responders.

These new rules would wildly inflate state and local budgets and eliminate all local control. Voters would be unable to affect their own police and firefighters, local politicians would be looking to Washington to guide them, and union leaders would see their power and personal wealth skyrocket.

And all of this is being stuffed into the bill to fund our troops. Obviously Democrats care more about unions than they do our troops. Even terrorism seems to be less important to Democrats than the needs of union thugs. It is an outrage.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Unions are so anti-American that it is sickening.

Damn these people and anyone, that would hold anything back from our troops.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 19, 2010 06:55 AM


I firmly believe that obama and his bunch plan on completely trashing our traditions and destroying America. The ?why? I am really not sure of unless obama is working for someone else like Soros. obama and his wife utilized the American Dream quite successfully to attain their wealth and lofty position(maybe a high dose of affirmative action helped). Now they seem to want to burn that bridge behind them so no one else can follow. What selfishness and hatred on their part.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at July 19, 2010 11:18 AM

The War funding bill was hit up for this money. By someone in Congress and I suppose with a lot of pressure from the white house.

Now instead of the 3 B's to the troops they are tinking of Unionizing the Emergency services. Which means they probably will never show up until the perp is gone or the house is burnt to the ground.

The 1 Billion for Ghetto kids summertime fun and games. Is there something wrong with these kids that they can't find something CONSTRUCTIVE to do on a hot summer day that it has to be planned out for them or is this just another name for a handout.

Posted by: Mark at July 19, 2010 12:26 PM

The Secretary of State Just handed Pakistan a half Billion dollars in the name of friendship and modernizing the Country.. Question, where did
The money come from?? How many of our military will this money help
Kill..Ol Odumbo has to go!!!

Posted by: Gator at July 19, 2010 01:36 PM

Tom, well said, all of that coming together to deliever this monster upon our Nation.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 19, 2010 06:42 PM

Mark, I think it is all you said, both in that they want to give more handouts and yes these kids you mentioned could do what other kids do the ones not getting the handouts to be entertained in some way.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 19, 2010 06:46 PM

Gator, grrrr so we give money to Pakistan and not to our military. Good point Gator, yes how many in our military are helped by doing this handout to Pakistan. sheesh

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 19, 2010 06:48 PM