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July 11, 2010

The Dreams And Audacity Of Barack Obama: ‘Progress’ Report by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

The Dreams And Audacity Of Barack Obama: ‘Progress’ Report

By Dr. Alan Bates, MD.

Dossier on Eric Holder: In a speech given during Black History month, AG Eric Holder labeled Americans as a bunch of “cowards” when it comes to race issues. During testimony before Congress, when asked if the Jihadist assassin of Fort Hood soldiers was inspired by radical Jihad, Mr. Holder refused to implicate radical Islam. No one in the Administration including deputy director of Homeland Security, Brennan, will state that Islamic terrorists are a specific threat to our nation---despite decades of destruction and mass murder which culminated in ‘911’. Arizona has been overrun by half million illegals with little border security response by the Federal government. There are even reports that Jihadists travel through South America to Mexico and then penetrate our southern border. Mr. Holder’s response, sue Arizona. Last week a DOJ lawyer resigned and testified under oath that his colleagues were ordered by the DOJ to dismiss a blatant case of white voter intimidation and threats by three black supremacists at a Philadelphia polling place, and further, to never prosecute cases against blacks who commit violations of the Voting Rights Act. Wonder if Mr. Holder knew this? So what conclusions can we draw about Eric Holder’s allegiance and his commitment to upholding the Federal laws which he is entrusted to enforce? Is he an American patriot? If not, to whom is his allegiance?

Dossier on Barry Soetoro—alias Barack Hussein Obama: Kenyan-borne and schooled in Muslim Indonesian school. Moved to America but hides his significant past at great expense. During his run for high office claimed to be a Christian. Elected by morons on the abstract platform of transparency and change with promise that all government business would be conducted openly with no hidden agenda. Mr. Obama without Congressional approval appointed over 30 ‘Czars’ to oversee his perverse un-American socialist programs. Turns out most of them range from self-avowed Communists to socialists, all conspiring with the Administration to destroy American capitalism and redistribute wealth as occurs in Fascist states. They started with takeover of the auto industry, with part ownership given to Obama’s SEIU supporters (basically Chicago union bosses and their thugs) who, with Obama’s help, want to amongst other things adopt a policy in which workers cannot vote secretly on controversial issues ‘near and dear’ to their bosses. Then, Mr. Obama and his social engineering appointees, with help from dishonest liberal extremist leaders in Congress, rammed a bankrupting healthcare law down the throat of Americans designed to ultimately give the Federal government control of not only your healthcare and access to all of your personal information, but ultimate control of your lifespan through rationing of care---all this at the hands of massive bureaucracy which will leave our healthcare system in shambles. All programs and paybacks combined, Mr. Obama has quadrupled the national debt since Bush left office, keeping in mind that budget overruns began under the Democratic Congress during Bush’s last term as Pelosi and Reid circumvented the President through special appropriations. The current fiscal path is terminal. It destroys America’s solvency. Finally, during Congressional recess this week, Obama appointed a non-practicing physician who publicly advocates rationing of care to head Medicare and Medicaid.

When Arizona tries to protect its borders from the surge in violent crime committed by Mexican drug and human trafficking cartels, Mr. Obama not only does not respond with Federal aid, but allows Mexican hypocrite and President Calderon to tell America that we should not block illegal immigration (Calderon obviously does not want all those millions of Mexican illegals sent back to Mexico). Worse, Holder and Obama not only refuse to enforce Federal laws, but have filed a lawsuit against Arizona. If that is not enough, the Feds will not prosecute ‘sanctuary cities’ for violations of existing law. Are they patriots?

Other assaults on American values, freedom and safety by the Left:

* Assault by Chicago’s Mayor Daley on law-abiding citizens’ access to firearms for self-defense, in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling that citizens have a right to possess firearms for that purpose. How? Daley’s new handgun registration requirements are so expensive and difficult that weapons will still primarily be in the hands of criminals. So why does the Mayor have armed bodyguards with automatic weapons? Is Daley a patriot?

* The Second Amendment states that ‘We the People’ can own and bear arms not only for self-defense but also in order to restore our government when taken over by tyrants. The Court conveniently forgot to mention that last part. Four of the high Court’s judges are apparently clueless about the 2nd Amendment since they voted against it. Are they patriots?

* Anti-American conduct: The Feds are allowing Muslims to conduct a convention in Chicago for the purpose of recruiting young Jihadists. Government is systematically targeting symbols of Christian religion while allowing public Islamic celebrations in Washington and turning a blind eye to the will of ‘We the People’ with regards to construction of mosques at the site of the destroyed World Trade Center. What next? Sharia Law? Remember that Obama for 20 years attended a church ‘pastured’ by a racist who preaches hatred of America and ‘white people’. Remember that Obama was quick to blame a white Cambridge cop as racist for arresting a black professor who resisted the officer’s request for identification. Michelle Obama publicly noted that she never was proud of America until her (narcissistic egomaniacal) husband was elected President. Are these American patriots?

* The Administration shows lack of support for the traditional family while condoning gay and transgender unions in speeches and by enforcing a new law that employers must allow a transgender parent up to 12 weeks off each year for ‘bonding’ to their children. Mr. Obama has nominated an unqualified non-committal Leftist to the Supreme Court, who has never been a judge or practicing attorney. Instead, she has written and spoken in favor of such heinous crimes as partial birth abortion.

Add it all up and we have a corrupt, lawless, bigoted, anti-Judeo-Christian Administration, which actively creates division along ethnic and racial boundaries in order to further their agenda. That agenda is to eradicate the Judeo-Christian nation whose values evolved for more than 235 years so as to enable every American to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is not the nation Obama and Holder and their radical supporters have in mind. Through creation of crises, their two-pronged approach is to seek national insolvency as well as division of the People with the goal that they can control and ultimately destroy the once-great nation of America which was founded through the Declaration of Independence and protected by the Constitution.

November is critical and the other half of all Christians who don’t bother to vote need to wake up or lose it.

Wild Thing's comment........

I agree people need to wake up. If things to not change in November big time, so that it shows we ARE taking our country back, it will be too late. I really believe this. We need to be talking up the elections now to anyone we can. Let them know things if they are not paying attention.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at July 11, 2010 02:45 AM


No further comments needed.
I would love to send a copy of this to all those on my E-mail list. How can I do that?

Posted by: Sean at July 11, 2010 12:03 PM

I was feeling pretty good until I read this. Bates really nails it. We are doomed unless we take back the congress and impeach obama. Not enforcing the Laws on the books is impeachable...but blatant disregard has got to have an extra penalty. Like leave Right Now.

Posted by: Mark at July 11, 2010 06:37 PM