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July 08, 2010

Obama and His Administration Protecting Black Panther Who Advocates Killing Whites and White Babies

New Black Panther Obama’s Justice Dept. Won’t Prosecute Advocated Killing “Some Crackers

Obama’s Justice Department – led by Attorney General Eric Holder – not to move forward with prosecution of New Black Panthers accused of intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place in 2008 is just not defensible.

This video gives more information on one of the Panthers involved in the intimidation. It shows him in January 2009 saying he “hates” all “white people,” and calling for the killing of some white babies.


A few days ago, Megyn Kelly broke a huge story on Fox News where she interviewed former Department of Justice attorney, J. Christian Adams. Adams has blown the whistle on the Obama Administration’s DOJ for dismissing the infamous voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers, after he had already won the case (the Black Panthers never even showed up in court to answer the charges). Adams claimed that the main reason why the DOJ didn’t want to prosecute the Panthers was for racial reasons. Now, one would think that this would be an explosive story and that the mainstream media would be all over this, but instead they are like a toddler putting his fingers in his ears when he is told to eat his vegetables.

Wait–it gets better. In addition to Adams, Megyn Kelly also interviewed renowned civil rights attorney and life-long Democrat, Bartle Bull (who was Robert Kennedy’s campaign manager). Bull claimed that he witnessed the Black Panthers threatening voters and shouting racial slurs at the polling place, telling Kelly that, “Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy didn’t die so that uniformed thugs could be blocking polling places with weapons”. Not to mention, Mr. Bull also claimed that the Black Panthers were working in collusion with ACORN (you know, that lovely group that agreed to aid and abet a child prostitution ring) in order to intimidate the poll-watchers, because ACORN had registered a bunch of illegal voters.


Wild Thing's comment.......

It is becoming increasingly disturbing to hear about the hateful words coming from this administration.

Check this out.......Obama and The New Hate The New Black Panther Party

Posted by Wild Thing at July 8, 2010 04:47 AM


Obama was in the 'pews' for 20 years and never noticed anything 'untoward'. Wright just inforced what obama was schooled in, Communism.

The Black Panther case is a joke they will stonewall the whole process and it will go on for years before it is finally thrown out.

Typical Black 'gettin even with'em ism'. Our only hope is to throw these communists out in the next election. And put a stop to this non sense.

Another problem is all these Latino Groups. Black groups, Equal Justice groups, Unions, etc.,they are all Socialists, almost all of them belong to the DSA. Democrat Socialists of America. And now the communist party USA has endorsed all of obama's policies. We are infiltrated at every level. This fight is not going to end after the November election.

Posted by: Mark at July 8, 2010 09:29 AM

It is going to get rough over the next few years. I had reached the point where I thought Blacks had primarily decided to join in the American society. I still think most will, but their almost 100% vote for obama made me wonder just how unbigoted they were at heart.

obama himself is an admitted racist. In his books he rejects "the race of his mother". His AG Holder is also a racist. Isn't it amazing that America has been working at erasing racism for over 50 years yet the first Black president and his wife are both anti White racists.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at July 8, 2010 10:17 AM