Theodore's World: Rabbi Who Exposed Thomas Gets Death Threats

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June 13, 2010

Rabbi Who Exposed Thomas Gets Death Threats


Rabbi David Nesenoff's interview with Helen Thomas revealed the long-time journalist's hateful views on Israeli Jews, who she said should “go back to Poland.” Now, Nesenoff has become the target of anti-Jewish hate, and has received many death threats and thousands of pieces of hate mail.

Nesenoff told the American Fox News channel that he had received emails calling for a Holocaust, and threats against his family. “We've got one specific one saying, 'We're going to kill the Jews, watch your back,'” he said.
"Thomas is just a little cherry on top of this huge, huge sundae of hate in America,” he added.

The rabbi has decided to post the hate mail online, without censoring out vulgarities or threats.

His blog

From his website I see it says he will be interviewed ........Rabbi Nesenoff will be appearing on CNN Reliable Sources on Sunday June 13 at 11 AM.

Shortly after her comments reached the mainstream media, her employer, the Hearst Corporation, announced that the 89-year-old reported would be retiring immediately.

Nesenoff Flooded With Death Threats For Helen Thomas Video

He has gotten quite a few letters of support. But he has gotten a tsunami of hate mail, littered with obscenities and spelling mistakes. His web site is now publishing the hatred that has littered his e mail. Some people tell him to “watch your back”. Others rise to the level of credible death threats. Anyone who hits “send” with Nesenoff as the intended recipient should expect him to cooperate with law enforcement if there is a death threat involved.

Some of the 25,000 hate e mails, which are printed in their uncensored entirety on Nesenoff’s web site read as follows.

Tom Shields writes under the subject line of F… you ! you are a dirty Jew. ” Hittler was right! Time for you to go back into the oven.

The comments on the Youtube videos are not much better

Lionheart1965 wrote. “Hitler should be punished for not COMPLETING his job.

At the top of Nesenoff’s page devoted to hate mail is a picture of Charles Manson with a swasticas tatooed between his eyes. Nesenoff did what any reporter would do. He went to a public event with a video camera and recorded what a public figure had to say. And it has triggered an outpouring of hatred.


Wild Thing's ciomment......

When the IDF soldiers were doing the right thing and getting attacked then fighting back. There was an outrage at the IDF and Israel by people that are anti-Semitic and also hate Israel. To show support for Israel and the IDF, I wore one of my IDF t-shirts I have when I went to the gym and then out to lunch with Nicholas. I have a bunch of them I got over the years that have various quotes on them about the IDF, the Mossad. IDF Special Forces etc.

One of the days I did this, an older couple stopped us as we were leaving the restaurant. The woman wanted to know wasn't I afraid to wear something pro Israel. I told her no, not at all that all I felt was total support for awesome warriors that are fighting the same evil our country is facing. Then she said " I am Jewish and I would be terrified to wear something like that." I told her you don't have to, those of us that support Israel will do it. Sometimes it is easier for someone to defend another then themselves. I told her I feel the same way about our own military, our troops today and our Veterans. That we must never forget their service and sacrifice and support them always.

She and her husband asked some more questions, I gave them a card for Theodore's World so they could check out my blog and I shared with them how I am surrounded by the most wonderful, dedicated patriots, Veterans and friends that are also a part of TW.

Reading this about the attacks on the Rabbi, once again we see how bold the haters are. Just my opinion but we need to be just as bold, just as outspoken and not go silent when we see either our own country being destroyed, our troops being attacked like by Code Pink etc. or our friend Israel and their IDF being lied about and slandered.

So far it has been almost all Republicans have stood front and center to defend Israel.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 13, 2010 05:40 AM


WT showing relentless awesomeness! I'm sure your visit with the Jewish lady made her day. Every day that goes by we're one day closer to the end of this nightmare.

Posted by: Jim at June 13, 2010 09:49 AM

Just went to the Rabbi's site, those emails are disgusting by some really sick people. Looked like some were muslim by the spelling and missing words but their intent was evil.

Brought up Catholic never knew much about Jews. Until I worked with a Jew for a very long time. What impressed me the most was his work ethic, and his character and outlook on life. We became friends, He stood up at my wedding and I went to his Son's Bar Mitzvah and weddings. During and since that experience I had to put Rabbi's at the head of the special list being God like.

How anyone can talk to a Rabbi like that goes beyond anything I can think of, (at a loss for words). My wife and I will always stand with Israel, so help us God.

Posted by: Mark at June 13, 2010 07:41 PM