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June 30, 2010

Jon "David" Kahn - " AMERICAN HEART "

Jon David releases “American Heart”video just in time for Independence Day.

Filmed on location across America.

Written and performed by Jon David Kahn
Directed by Andrew Marcus
Produced by Maura Flynn
Edited by Michael Kadela and Andrew Marcus

Next Peformance July 1. Troopathon to support soldiers with care packages from home. Hosted by Andrew Breitbart. I will be dedicating "American Heart" to my good friend CPT (CH) John Konugres who is being deployed to Afghanistan in mid July.

From his Facebook page.

""Go on raise the flag. I got stars in my eyes. I'm in love with Her. And I won't apologize"


It turns out Tea Party regular Jon David, known for his song “American Heart,” is actually famous Hollywood screenwriter Jonathan Kahn.

Wearing a baseball cap and dark glasses, Jonathan Kahn became Jon David and then he took the Tea Party circuit by storm. He opened for Sarah Palin and sang his now famous song “American Heart” coast to coast and turned it into a YouTube sensation.

He also regularly wrote for Andrew Breitbart’s “Big Hollywood.” Kahn says he took the name Jon David and disguised himself with hat and glasses out of fear of retribution in his work life.

Kahn writes screenplays and soundtracks for major motion pictures and he says being a Conservative is the kiss of death in Hollywood.

He doesn’t really care about that anymore according to the WSJ. He says he’s lived in the shadows his entire adult life unable to speak his mind and he’s done with that. Kahn actually had two different mailing addresses and has literally been living a double life.

Wild Thing's comment.......

GREAT song! I like his voice too.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 30, 2010 06:49 AM


Anything worth while Sarah is involved in. She is fantastic. Great tune.

Posted by: Mark at June 30, 2010 01:37 PM

Anything worth while Sarah is involved in. She is fantastic. Great tune.

Posted by: Mark at June 30, 2010 01:38 PM

You know that America never stopped producing this kind of singing ever. It is just that the marketing of music became so capital expensive tha it became possible to corner the market.
Remember the phrase from the song "free man in Paris" His job was working a marketing machine behind the "popular Songs" Unsaid in the song is that they wwere unpatriotic and liberal, from the '20's on.
Why don't you take nominations for most patrotic song, best speach, best book, etc/ The guys on the militarty Blogs would help. Maybe some sponsors might even want to put up some prizes. Just awarding the titles would be very disruptive to the MSM there are so many mon-establishment websites now.
Remember Mr. Blacks worst dressed list. Ther never ws any money behind that just an old poofter whose bad taste in womens cloths filled inches of "newspaper" telling women to wear cloths that werre uncomfotable and unattractive to men who are attracted to women.

Posted by: Avitar at July 1, 2010 01:59 AM