Theodore's World: Charlie “Judas, Benedict Arnold” Crist by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

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June 19, 2010

Charlie “Judas, Benedict Arnold” Crist by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

Charlie “Judas, Benedict Arnold” Crist

by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

Someone recently labeled Florida’s Governor Charlie Crist as “Judas” Crist, an apt description. Surprised? It really should not be to anyone who has observed his motivation and modus operandi. Those characteristics are well established: Crist’s motivation has been, is and will be self-aggrandizement, and his modus operandi, self-serving.

So, just who is Charlie Crist? If voters are satisfied with more of the same from Democrats in Washington for the last four years, Crist would fit their expectations perfectly. He is a careerist politician whose modus is an anemometer that automatically aligns itself with whatever direction, and turning at the same velocity that the wind happens to be blowing; always with his finger in the air.

So, if the economy is blowing in the direction of freedom and free markets, that would be Crist’s mantra. If however, it is free market bashing, Crist would stand tall with the bashers, à la Obama. If it is about smaller government, Crist would mouth “smaller government,” but if public sentiment were in favor of strong centralized government, Crist would be at the head of the line. Like all careerist politicians, Crist is in it for Crist and voters are the “little people” who both serve him and to whom Crist panders for votes.

Crist’s inherently leftist self came to the surface in recent months and is accurately reflected in a June 16th article on the Politico website, by Jonathan Martin. The writer stated:

“The governor has vetoed an education reform bill teachers unions didn’t like, vetoed a bill abortion rights advocates didn’t like, reversed his stance on gays in the military, reversed his support for offshore drilling and come out for the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan, after opposing Sonia Sotomayor when he was running as a Republican.”

Any politician who decides to change his fundamental beliefs, if he had them in the first place, is another indicator of what is wrong with this country. All one had to do is be present in Northwest Florida during the 1994 elections to observe Democrat politicians abandon their Party by the horde and flock en masse to the Republican Party because at the time it became the “only game in town.”

Even local U.S. Representative, Jeff Miller, a Republican, made the switch from Democrat to the Republican Party days before running for State office. To his credit he has consistently voted “conservative,” but to his political damnation he is a careerist, and political careerism is central to the economic and social damage that this country has suffered for the past sixty years. They make one sick!

Two years ago it was evident to anyone who bothered to study Obama understood that he would intentionally attempt to crash the economy. Exercising normal powers of observation and common sense one can tell that Obama’s and Democrats’ effort in that regard has not waned with the passage of time.

When Rush Limbaugh created a tempest in a tea pot by “hoping that Obama fails,” he, along with all rational observers understood that the direction that Obama was going to take the country was radically different than the preceding two hundred thirty two years of unprecedented and unequalled success.

By his own words and actions Obama eschews the U.S. Constitution while feigning respect for it; by his actions, notwithstanding his words, he is antipathetic to the core American principles and values of hard work, creativity, exceptional-ism, honesty, integrity and leadership.

One reader was astonished when nearly eighteen months ago I wrote that Obama would work to intentionally reduce the U.S. to third world status. It should now be evident to anyone, given his track record thus far and his present abysmally incompetent handling of the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history, (in which I believe he is both complicit and has intentionally exacerbated), that he is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

He may actually feel sorry for the people who are suffering, but that suffering is at Obama’s hand. With even minor understanding of the blowout catastrophe Obama would have immediately waived the Jones Act and allowed the Dutch to loan containment vessels (and still could), that would have contained the majority of the spill but continues largely unabated, and will until relief wells are completed later this summer.

So, why would he intentionally try to harm the US economy? The answer is simple if one has taken the time to study Obama, and I have. He is doing it in order to fraudulently acquire extra-constitutional powers and impose a form of socialism with an Islamic twist from whence he sprang, upon the nation. Alas, Khrushchev’s prediction, “we will bury you” will come true unless Americans show their children that there is a better way; and that way is the Christian faith, free market economy, and liberty and justice for all.

Obama’s Sharia Islamic socialism would be infinitely worse than Stalin’s and Khrushchev’s Soviet communism that accounted for about one hundred million killed during their reign of terror. His Muslim roots and vision for America carried through to fruition would inflict a form of servitude that no generation of Americans, including the dark days of slavery has ever experienced. It is a disaster that could come true; remember “Hope and Change?” What the world is witnessing is “Hope and Change” Obama style, enabled by Democrats like of back stabbing Arlen Specter, Charlie “Judas Benedict Arnold” Crist, and other likeminded political traitors.

Our children and grandchildren deserve better!

L. A. St.Onge CW4, USA (Ret) writes: “Politicians won't vote term limits for themselves so we must do it for them.”

Semper Fidelis

Wild Thing's comment........

Thamk you so much Col.Pappas!!! I hope and pray Crist does NOT get elected.

And he is right about Obama too.

" He is doing it in order to fraudulently acquire extra-constitutional powers and impose a form of socialism with an Islamic twist ..."

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

Posted by Wild Thing at June 19, 2010 08:47 AM


I like the Colonel's reference to obama's islamic roots. Yes, this obama bastard is a muslim as well as a Marxist. He could easily have been a member of Saddam's Bathist Party.

There are hundreds like Crist in govt. Self serving, hypocritical and vain. Sadly many of them continue to get reelected over and over because they fool the voters. I would love to see a purge of the US Congress.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at June 19, 2010 10:35 AM

Wouldn't it be great if no one voted for Crist, Maybe then he'd get the message.

Posted by: Mark at June 19, 2010 09:12 PM

Thank's Col Pappas. You were my group co at MCAS BFT. It makes me feel good that we have some high ranking retired officers that feel th smae as we do.


Posted by: robert williams at June 23, 2010 10:49 AM