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May 28, 2010

ElRushbo and Zev Chafets Book: "Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One"

Rush Limbaugh: I know I'll be destroyed eventually


He's the most-listened-to personality in the history of U.S. radio, but Rush Limbaugh feared for his life recently and said he knows he faces destruction at some point, to the delight of some of the American public.

In an e-mail sent to Zev Chafets, author of the new book "Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One," Limbaugh admitted, "I know I am a target and I know I will be destroyed eventually. I fear that all I have accomplished and all the wealth I have accumulated will be taken from me, to the cheers of the crowd. I know I am hated and despised by the American Left."

The message was sent the day after President Obama laughed at comedian Wanda Sykes' joke about Limbaugh's death during last year's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner.

In a diatribe against Limbaugh, Sykes said: "Rush Limbaugh, 'I hope the country fails' – I hope his kidneys fail, how about that?"

The dinner was broadcast nationally on C-SPAN, and a clip has been posted on YouTube, with Sykes' remarks about Limbaugh beginning at the two-minute mark:



Obama can clearly be seen laughing as Sykes delivers her line about Limbaugh's kidneys failing.

"He needs a waterboarding, that's what he needs," she continued.

In "An Army of One," Chafets notes that while Obama laughed at the kidney-failure joke, he stopped grinning when she started talking about waterboarding.

"He saw the humor in hooking Rush up to a broken dialysis machine, but waterboarding was nothing to joke about," writes Chafets.

"Atypically, Limbaugh didn't say a word on the air about Sykes' routine, or the fact that the president of the United States had smiled broadly, in front of the entire country, about the prospect of his death. He was disconcerted, though, and he was right to be. He was in first place on the enemies list of the president of the United States."

Limbaugh is also in favor of homosexual civil unions, according to Chafets.

"He regards homosexuality as, most probably, biologically determined, and while he opposes gay marriage as culturally subversive, he has no problem with gay civil unions – which is the stance of President Obama and Hillary Clinton," the author explains.

When it comes to his thoughts about broadcasting colleague Bill O'Reilly of the Fox News Channel, Limbaugh likened him to the buffoonish TV anchor portrayed by actor Ted Knight on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show."

"He's Ted Baxter. Sorry, but somebody's got to say it," Limbaugh noted. "I never mention others on the air, and I don't engage in contrived rivalry crap. That's bad business; it encourages people not to hear the station you are on."

Limbaugh does make an exception for CNN's Larry King, whom Chafets says Rush truly doesn't like.

"He never had nice things to say about me, from 1988 to the present," Limbaugh explained. "He was working midnights [on the radio] when I started and demanded that his syndicator move him to afternoon drive when my success was obvious. He bombed and quit radio for CNN exclusively."

On his radio program today, Limbaugh got provocative against the Obama adminstration when he agreed with one of his callers that Obama was deliberately doing little to resolve the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, to further his leftist agenda against drilling and capitalism in general.

"Everything is political. They want the disaster," Limbaugh emphasized.
"I know this is a tough thing for some of you to believe and hear because we don't think of presidents this way, but we got one now and an entire administration that do think this way – that everything that happens must be seen through the prism of 'Is it a political opportunity or is it a political liability?'
"If you doubt this, it's been six weeks. We now have Democrat commentators all suggesting that we know President Obama cares, but he's gonna have to do something to show it. He's gonna have to use a little emotion out there. The cool, calm Obama is not what we want."
"These are not things that you can fake," Limbaugh continued. "[If] you care about something, you care about it. If it really angers you, you get angry about it. When you're a leader and things like this happen and you think people are being lackadaisical in fixing it, then you step in and you see to it that everybody heels to. There hasn't been any of that. There's been the usual political posturing. ...
"We don't have a leader. Obama's not a leader. He's an exploiter. He creates problems. He exacerbates them for the express purpose of taking advantage of them, pure and simple, folks."


ElRushbo speaking about this book:

From his website, transcript from his show yesterday ( May 27th)

Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One

An Army of One. It's by Zev Chafets. Zev is the writer who did that cover piece on me, the New York Times Magazine, what was it, two years ago? Yeah, just about that. I spent 16 hours with him, interviewing. It's not a biography. It's certainly not an authorized biography. It's got some biographical stuff in it but it's not primarily a biography. I've had a lot of e-mail exchanges. To this day I have not read the whole thing. I've thumbed through it -- you know, check a page here, check a page there. (interruption) Well... Snerdley says, "Why not?" I don't read anything about myself. I haven't read the New York Times piece all the way through.
I just don't. If they get it right I already know it, and if they get it wrong it's par for the course. So, you know, why bother? It is what it is. But I have talked to a number of people. Snerdley thought it was okay. H.R.'s got a couple nitpicks with it.

I don't recall ever saying that George Bush was "a preppie snob," George Bush 41. I don't recall ever saying that, and Zev still doesn't understand my attitude about racial problems in the country but those are minor things. He tried. He tried to get it. (interruption) Well, here's the way that came about. He asked me a question. I think he said he asked you about July 4th, Independence Day, and he said that July 4th's no big deal to you. Independence Day is no big deal to you. Mr. Snerdley is African-American, and he asked me what I thought. I said, "I think it's time to let all that stuff go." This is the one country in the world that ended slavery; 500,000 Americans lost their lives.

It's 2010. This country has the most opportunity for anybody who wants to seek it of any country in the history of the world. No country's perfect. No human being is perfect. We still have bigots and racists, and we got people that discriminate against people for all kinds of things in this country. Zev kept saying, "But do you not understand how an African-American might not be able to look at the founding of this country as something glorious?" I said, "I can understand that, but this is not the days of the founding and the people who wrote the Constitution allowed for an amendment process to fix it." I said, "Look, you go back and you look at John Adams in the days of the discussions and the Federalist Papers. They knew they had a problem with slavery in the South, but in order to gain independence and to have a unity of purpose in seeking independence from the British, they had get the southern states.

"They had to have the southern states join them. John Adams quoted numerous times, 'We're going to have a problem with this.'" All the founders were not slave owners, they were not racists. I think the continual focus on whatever original sin this country has is serving only to hold people back and not move forward in the present day, and I think that's by design in a lot of cases and I really resent it. It makes me sad to see so many people born in this country told every day that you don't have a chance here simply because of the color of their skin, which is not true anymore. It's time to get with the present times. But even saying this, I know I'm tweaking a lot of people. "You just don't get it, Rush." You know what my problem is? I told him this. I am the most colorblind person in the country.

I am not at all oriented toward political correctness, and I assume everybody else is colorblind because everybody else says that's what they want, is a colorblind society. So I believe people. I'm a literalist. Somebody tells me they want and wish we had a colorblind society, fine! Well, let's act like we are. Let's be that. So I am that. But still there are people who just want to take... You know, race is a provocative issue, it is controversial, and as such, it's something that you can build something interesting about. Those are two little nitpicks. He doesn't get it all wrong on race and the Bush 41 stuff is minor. But everybody that's read it says it's pretty good, and Brent Bozell said, "You really ought to really hype it because the guy has shown that you can do a quality piece. He was nice to you. He was respectful of you," which is all true.

So the name of the book -- and I'm sorry, I thought I gave it in the first hour but they're telling me that I didn't -- is Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One. I think one of the arguments against me also is I'm not an original thinker. Anybody that has listened to this program for 20, 21 years, knows that that's stupid. It's just nuts. It is laughable. Chafets, I think, captures that notion in the book, too. So maybe I should sit down and read it cover to cover. Just read a page here, flip to another chapter, read a page there, just try to get a flavor for it.(interruption) What? What are you saying? Snerdley says he thinks it would be good for me to read it. Well, it's like H.R. says, though: If it's true, I already know it. If it's not true, par for the course. (laughing)


RUSH: Don't forget, my friends, on this race business it was I, El Rushbo, who warned all of you who called here prior to the election, "But, Rush, don't you think the election of Obama will be good because it will end all this racist talk? The country will improve because it's no longer racist 'cause it elected a black president." I, El Rushbo, was the one to say, "No, it's only going to get worse. The race hustlers, the race industry is excited about this possibility," I said, "because any criticism of Obama will be said to be racist." And, lo and behold, right again was I, El Rushbo. Are race relations not more strained than ever now? Everything's about race. Everything is about skin color to these people, or however they classify people, however they seek to group them, whatever, they're victims. Everybody's a hapless victim of some magical, mysterious, powerful majority that wreaks damage and hell, havoc on all these poor, unsuspecting people.


Wild Thing's comment........

Rush is in my prayers. - Sadly, he’s right. He is in danger. The left - and their boys in the MSM - cover their own hatred - they project their own evil onto us - it’s how we know what they’re thinking. They hate Rush. He’s our canary in the coal mine - when they get him - we’ll be next.

He is a fighter and has defended himself against the left at many turns. has more listeners now than ever.And he does have legions of fans praying for him! He must have made that comment at a vulnerable time (I think it was last year when Sykes made those remarks.)

Rush and Glenn are both in the crosshairs. and Michele Bachman, Liz Cheney, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin and even Sean Hannity. All of them are targets for the left.

Years ago I will never forget this. I have listened to Rush since 1998 when he started on EIB. I got my first computer in 1997 during Clintons regime. I headed straight to a forum and started to post about Clinton. The attacks from the left came flying every day I was online and death threats too. I tried to ignore the attacks and kept posting information I found online about Bill and Hillary. I had never experienced attacks like not only I got but all of us that were Republilcans. It shocked me and LOL lots of times I was posting and crying at the same time. hahaha

As I was listening to Rush I heard him say how if he was not being attacked by the left he was not doing his job. I will never forget he said that...NEVER. It changed something in me to not be afraid to speak up and from that day on I have not stopped.

We need to pray for these talk show warriors and especially for Rush, there is no one like him, not even close. The other greats are good too, but Rush leads the way. That is why they will try to destroy him. If he didn’t matter they wouldn’t bother.

He endures attacks from entrenched interests in this country and he speaks the truth. He says what needs to be said in the face of the power-hungry. And ... he’s willing to risk it all to do what needs to be done.

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

Posted by Wild Thing at May 28, 2010 07:47 AM


Here's the difference between Liberals and Conservatives.

If Rush, Hannity, or Ann Coulter walked into a room full of Liberals, they would be jeered and spat upon.

If Keith Olberman, James Carville, or Arianna Huffington walked into a room of Conservatives, they would have their hands shook and a good debate about politics would take place.

Proof: Just look at how Anne Coulter is physically attacked by Liberals at her speaking engagements. You've NEVER heard of a Liberal being physically attacked by Conservatives at any type of forum.

Posted by: BobF at May 28, 2010 10:45 AM

Ted Baxter...Perfect for O'reilly. The putz is always trying to kiss up to obama in the most left handed way it is ridiculous.

Posted by: Mark at May 28, 2010 07:23 PM

Mark, DITTO that!!!

I agree Mark, I loved what Rush said about O'Reilly.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 29, 2010 04:34 AM