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April 03, 2010

Obama's Bolshevik Dreams

Russian President Vlad Putin warned the US about socialism last year:

“We must not revert to isolationism and unrestrained economic egotism… Excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence is another possible mistake. True, the state’s increased role in times of crisis is a natural reaction to market setbacks. Instead of streamlining market mechanisms, some are tempted to expand state economic intervention to the greatest possible extent… In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.”

Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin
Opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
January 28, 2009


Russian News Service RIA Novosti still thinks America is transforming into a Soviet style economy

Big Government

U.S. President Barack Obama has finally brought America closer to European universal healthcare systems. It took him almost a year to persuade Congress to approve his healthcare reform. The House approved it by a majority of only seven votes (219 to 212) on March 21. The amended bill will be submitted to the Senate but this will be a sheer formality, since the Senate is dominated by Democrats and the endorsement procedure has already been agreed upon.

The 44th U.S. president could sign the bill this week. He will then go down in history not only as the first black president, but also as the first “red” president: Obama’s Republican opponents maintain that the bill is too socialist.
The European genes implanted into the American medical insurance system will not make it similar to that of Britain, Sweden or even neighboring Canada. Even Obama could not dare to be so radically socialist. However, his reform is truly historic, albeit only for America.
Europeans may mock it as pathetic since they adopted medical insurance systems decades ago. Russia also has such a system. Indicatively, one of the most vicious opponents of Obama’s reform, Republican Devin Nunes, accused the bill of continuing the failed Soviet experiment. He was overly emotional but there is a grain of truth in what he said.

“Republican Devin Nunes accused the bill of continuing the failed Soviet experiment. He was overly emotional but there is a grain of truth in what he said… Apparently, the socialist experience has proved too tempting to be resisted.” (RIANOVOSTI News, March 22, 2010)


Wild Thing's comment........

Obama IS a communist but he's moving right past that formality called the US Constitution and pushing straight on to dictatorship. Obama's agenda will not work. Not in America. Not anywhere. It can't.

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened." - Norman Thomas. Socialist Party presidential candidate in 1940,1944,1948.

Posted by Wild Thing at April 3, 2010 04:44 AM


Dr. Zhicago and his Baracksheviks are crashing and burning... too bad!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at April 3, 2010 09:26 AM

Let's hope that in the near future that health care plan gets reversed. Amazing that Putin, an ardent communist, warns us of our move toward socialism.

Posted by: TomR at April 3, 2010 11:18 AM