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April 20, 2010

Arrogant Charlie Crist ( RINO ) Desperate And Not A Man of Leadership Considers Run As Independent

Crist 'listening' to suggestions he run as an independent


ABC News

Gov. Charlie Crist sat down with ABC Action News reporter Sarina Fazan Monday afternoon. When asked about whether or not he will run as an independent in the race for U.S. Senate, he said he has not made up his mind yet.

"I can tell you I'm getting a lot of advice in that direction. I'm a listener and so I'm certainly listening to it," said Crist.He also talked about the decision to pull all of his political ads.
"I wanted to talk about what we've done in the administration to improve education to keep crime down to reduce taxes and just the common sense approach that we've taken in this administration to share with the people of Florida," said Crist.Stay tuned to ABC Action News for more from Governor Crist's interview with Sarina Fazan.

In recent weeks, Governor Crist has lost popularity with his own party. The latest Quinnipiac poll has him trailing Marco Rubio by 23 percent.

Crist himself admitted, the hug between him and President Barack Obama in 2009 was what began a lot of the criticism.
"The hug is now pretty famous, infamous however you look at it," Crist admitted, "and i think it is really because of that issue we see the current climate of the Republican Party in Florida."

Despite that he says he doesn't regret it for one second.

"Absolutely not, I embrace it, no pun intended." he said.

But even some in his own camp, have abandoned him during this run for US Senate.

This Thursday he vetoed education bill SB-6, which would have marked the most sweeping education changes in Florida history. After that decision his campaign manger and long time mentor Connie Mack resigned. saying he could not support Crist's decision.


Wild Thing's comment........

Crist is an arrogant ass snake. A dirty, deceitful snake. People in Florida are onto this jerk!

In a few weeks, Charlie Crist has gone from telling Fox News that he ruled out running as an independent to saying last Friday that he’ll address the question of an independent run “later on.”

Here is something from Jimi DeMint:

Sen. Jim DeMint said Wednesday that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist should abandon his Senate bid and endorse his Republican primary rival.
DeMint was asked about chatter that Crist, trailing badly against Marco Rubio in the primary, might decide to run as an independent instead. "I hope that won't happen," he responded.
"That is a sour grapes approach - when you find out you can't win, you bail out just like Arlen Specter did in his [Pennsylvania Republican] primary against Pat Toomey," DeMint said of a possible independent bid by Crist. "I hope that doesn't happen in Florida."
DeMint made his remarks about Crist during a conference call organized to tout his endorsement of Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck.
The South Carolina senator threw his support to Rubio last summer

Posted by Wild Thing at April 20, 2010 04:47 AM


This guy is bad news.

Posted by: BobF at April 20, 2010 09:29 AM

Crist makes me think of two other Rinos, Arlen Specter and Mike Huckabee. All these guys will let their egos ruin an election for somebody else. I hope that all three seek a career outside of politics very soon.

Posted by: TomR at April 20, 2010 09:51 AM

"Crist is an arrogant ass snake" sounds like he'd be more of a fit with the democrats rather then an independent! Arrogance seems to be the top qualification to be an elite democrat lawmaker

Posted by: Rac at April 20, 2010 10:41 AM

Does this guy think that the NEA are his friends?
He had the asset in his hand that would have paid dividens for decades to the man who signed it and he vetoed it!!???
Anyone who knows how badly the schools are doing would not heaitate to sign that bill. There is evil and there is stupid and sometimes as in Crist's case his stupid has achieved critical mass and is evil. Weapons grade stupid

Posted by: Avitar at April 20, 2010 12:57 PM

Rubio is cleaning his RINO clock! Your Tampa Bay Rays are doing well down there too!!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at April 20, 2010 04:55 PM

He's turning Independent ??? He can't be serious. Who does he think elected Scott Brown in Massachusetts...Dah...Independents.

Posted by: Mark at April 20, 2010 06:41 PM


Posted by: Jack at April 20, 2010 07:10 PM

Thank you everyone. I appreciate all your input. This is such a huge race and I really can't wait to vote for a conservative Rubio.

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 20, 2010 08:40 PM